5 Portable Lights That Will Brighten Up Any Room in Your Home

portable light

If you’re in need of a portable light, look no further than the Portable Light Project. The Portable Light project is a research, engineering, and design initiative that uses textile as a material to create a unit that uses flexible photovoltaics and solid-state lighting. Because the portable light can be customized to fit local cultures, the unit can be created by people using traditional weaving and sewing techniques. Ultimately, these lights will be stewarded by local women.

‘Pencil’ by Zafferano

The pencil by Zafferano is an innovative LED lighting system that will light up any space in your home. It has a rechargable battery and comes in corten, dark grey, and white finishes. This innovative portable light is ideal for any room in the house and will last up to three hours with a full charge. Zafferano is a reference brand in the wireless lighting market, and they are keen to make sure that consumers know about the advantages of these portable lighting appliances.

The Pencil is a battery operated, rechargeable portable light with a pentagonal shape. It comes in three sizes, and its docking station also functions as a module housing. It has an electronic control system that monitors residual autonomy, ensuring a constant luminous flux until it runs out. This control system also allows you to optimize recharges to maximize the amount of time each light will last. The Pencil comes with a docking station that is made from die-cast aluminum, and a table base that can be positioned on a table or ceiling.

‘Bellhop’ lamp by Barber Osgerby

The ‘Bellhop’ lamp by Barbers & Osgerby is a multifunctional rechargeable LED lamp that is part of the firm’s Bellhop collection. The lamp’s base is made from coloured PC, while the dome is made of photo-engraved PC. The lamp has a multifunctional switch on its base that controls its dimmer and battery status. Its 84 x 2.5W LEDs create an up-light that’s accompanied by a six-hour battery life. It comes with a USB-C adapter and a 120cm cable.

The ‘Bellhop’ table lamp is an innovative and stylish piece of contemporary lighting. Designed by Edward Barber and Jay Osgerby, it casts a pool of direct light. It features a four-step dimmer on the base of the lamp, as well as a battery status indicator. The lamp is available in six different colours, including a quickship version in white, grey blue, Indian yellow, and brick red.

This sleek table lamp is a striking and functional addition to any room. Originally designed as a battery-powered candle, it is now a stylish addition to any interior. The modern LED lamp can be recharged via micro USB-C. It can hold a charge for up to 24 hours, and functions as a modern candle. The designers’ homage to the classic hat-wearing hotel porter was also evident in the Bellhop’s name. The lamp is expected to be available in two new shades in 2020.

FLOS has launched the ‘Bellhop’ table lamp designed by Edward Barber and Jay Osgerby. This rechargeable lamp is eight inches tall and features edge-lighting technology. LEDs are edged over the surface, producing a uniform distribution of light. The lamp’s polycarbonate design makes it both lightweight and compact, and its integrated USB port makes it easy to charge. The table lamp’s four classic colors complement contemporary interior schemes, and its reasonable price makes it a smart choice.

‘Nui Mini’ by Luceplan

The ‘Nui Mini’ portable light is a versatile and stylish table lamp from the Luceplan brand. The portable light comes in three different top colours and is battery operated. Its design makes it perfect for indoor and outdoor use. The lamp is IP54-rated and comes with a USB-C cable. The lamp emits soft ambient light for up to six hours on full brightness and up to 12 hours on dim. The portable light is suitable for a range of interiors, ranging from modern, to traditional. With its versatility and sleek design, the ‘Nui Mini’ will bring endless functionality to your home.

The ‘Nui Mini’ portable light by Italian manufacturer Luceplan is offered in three different colours. The light source is housed in an upper block, while the lower block is the diffuser. Its crystalline base creates an enchanting game of reflections, and is also perfect for indoor and outdoor settings. This lightweight table lamp can be easily carried from room to room, so you don’t have to worry about losing it in the dark.

The ‘Nui Mini’ LED portable light by Luceplan has three different finishes to match the interiors of your home. It comes with a dimmer and is available in three different colours. The light can be dimmed or switched on or off using the remote control. The portable light is also available in black or white. It is portable, rechargeable and comes in three colours.

‘Setago’ series by Jaime Hayon

The ‘Setago’ series is a rechargeable light that looks like a mushroom. Designed by Jaime Hayon, the light is named after a Japanese forest dweller and is apt for use both inside and out. Its cordless feature makes it ideal for both indoors and outdoors. Clean up is easy with a dry cloth. Its cord is hidden inside a brass dimmer that can be hidden away.

Inspired by traditional Japanese lanterns, Hayon conceived of the ‘Setago’ series as a portable light with mushroom-like proportions. Its battery-powered, 10-hour life makes it easy to move around the room or leave it in one place. The slim, mushroom-shaped design allows it to blend in with any environment. Its subtle brass dimmer adds a touch of class to the design.

Named Setago, the ‘Setago’ table lamp has a sponge-like appearance that is easily transportable from one room to another. It also features no electrical cord and can be dimmed with a small gold button. It’s available in three color schemes – white, black, and gold. There’s a corresponding dimmer for each light color.

NEEWER 176 LED portable light

A powerful portable light, the NEEWER 176 LED portable light is perfect for musicians, photographers, and architectural assistants. The lightweight light has a dimmer dial and a battery life indicator, and can be mounted on the camera hotshoe or tripod. The light is designed to be easy to handle and provides a decent burst of light, making it ideal for fill lighting. Although it is a bit larger than other portable lights, it is still very portable.