A Portable Xbox Monitor Could Be the Answer For Gamers on the Go

portable xbox monitor

If you love gaming on the go, a portable Xbox monitor might be the perfect solution. Despite being heavier than the PlayStation 5, the Xbox Series S is still relatively light, making it the perfect choice for gamers on the move. This monitor is also great for watching movies, watching YouTube videos, or reading e-books. It also works with Xbox Game Pass, which means you can access an endless library of games on the go. In less than 20 minutes, this product reached its Kickstarter funding goal.

UPspec Gaming’s xScreen

A Kickstarter campaign for a portable display for the Xbox Series S has been successful. The xScreen promises an 11.6-inch 1080p IPS panel, 60Hz refresh rate, and built-in speakers. The monitor weighs just 695 grams and attaches to the back of the Series S without blocking ports. It also has a patent-pending attachment system that enables you to fold it up when not in use.

The xScreen has a built-in speaker system for a surround sound experience, as well as controls to adjust the screen brightness. The xScreen also has a gap for the Xbox power cord and expansion slot, making it easy to play your Xbox Series S games on the go. Despite its size, the xScreen fits snugly inside the Xbox Series S, and it’s just as wide and long as the console.

UPspec Gaming’s xSreen portable Xbox monitor is an 11.6-inch unit that supports 1080p at 60Hz. Its matte finish makes for a comfortable viewing angle, and the panel’s 350-nit pixel density is enough for most situations. The one thing it does not do well is play games in direct sunlight. A longer power cord is required to connect the xScreen to an outdoor outlet.

The xScreen is powered via the Xbox’s USB port. To connect to the internet, you’ll need to use Wi-Fi or Ethernet to connect to the Xbox, though the console can still be connected to the wall. UPspec Gaming’s xScreen will block the Xbox’s Ethernet port and an additional USB port, leaving the front USB port alone.

Microsoft’s xScreen

The xScreen portable monitor converts an Xbox Series S into a laptop-like device. The 11.6-inch IPS screen features in-built speakers and plugs into the console’s USB and HDMI ports. You can connect the monitor to your TV, PC, or Mac via the supplied cables. The xScreen even includes built-in stereo speakers, making gaming on the go a breeze.

The xScreen has built-in speakers and controls for brightness, volume, and game settings. It also features a gap for the Xbox power cord and expansion slot. The portable monitor measures approximately the same length as the Xbox Series S, so it will fit easily into a 15-inch backpack or messenger bag. It will cost $249 AU (around $187 USD or $135 EUR). Microsoft says it will ship the first xScreen to backers of the Kickstarter campaign, and that it will be available in January 2022.

The xScreen also features a clip-on monitor that connects to a PC, making gaming on the go more convenient than ever. The Xbox Series S is the current-generation console, and while not as powerful as the Xbox One Series X, it’s smaller than the PlayStation 5. That means the xScreen can be used anywhere you can plug in a computer.

The xScreen’s portability is a major plus, but its price will drive some people away. While its price is high, it is worth the price for frequent use. If you’re an Xbox fan, this monitor could be a great solution to a family argument over how much time the Xbox is being used, and it can also be useful in hotels, spare rooms, or when entertaining friends.

G-STORY’s Sentinel Pro XP

If you’re considering purchasing a new monitor for your Xbox 360, you should consider the pros and cons of each one. You can look online and check out social media to find out what other users have to say about G-Story’s Sentinel Pro XP portable Xbox monitor. Getting the right one will ensure you don’t end up with a faulty product.

With UHD 4K resolution, the Sentinel Pro XP has the potential to produce better graphics. The monitor is designed for the Xbox Series X and comes with FreeSync technology. This helps avoid image tearing, so you can enjoy your game without a single blurred frame. The monitor’s 60-Hz refresh rate means you can enjoy the best possible picture quality. The display will be bright enough to see even in dark areas, so you won’t have to worry about glare.

This model has a 13.3-inch screen and is equipped with AMD FreeSync technology. It can be connected to most video game consoles, and it features a headphone jack and built-in speakers. The monitor is designed for competitive gaming, and its 60-Hz refresh rate and response time are excellent. The monitor also features a built-in speaker and has a USB-C port to charge a mobile device.

While price is clearly an important factor, the quality of the monitor is equally important. You don’t want to waste money on a low-quality product just because it is cheaper. Fortunately, you can find some fantastic deals on portable Xbox monitors by doing some research. Don’t feel overwhelmed by the options, and spend some time looking for the best monitor for your needs.

G-STORY’s xScreen

This G-STORY portable Xbox monitor is designed to fit the new Xbox Series S, and it has all of the mounting parts you need to fit your console. The hinged design of the monitor allows you to fold it over the console, and the matte black shell matches the exterior of the Xbox S. It delivers a 1920 x 1080p resolution, and uses FreeSync technology to eliminate image tearing and deliver brighter graphics.

The xScreen is a 11.6-inch IPS display that attaches to the rear of an Xbox Series S. It connects directly to the Xbox’s HDMI and USB ports, allowing you to play games wherever you have a power source. The xScreen is powered by USB and has in-built speakers. It can be easily folded when not in use, and it has a built-in safety lock to prevent it from being unplugged or misplaced.

This G-STORY portable xScreen is compatible with the Xbox Series S, Nintendo Switch, and laptops. Its dual speakers produce stereo sound that is centered and surround sound. The portable xScreen also features two HDMI ports to connect to your laptop or other electronic device. The xScreen is backed by the prestigious Kickstarter platform Jellop, which has backed over 1,400 successful projects.

If you’re looking for a new monitor for your Xbox, the G-STORY xScreen portable Xbox monitor is an excellent choice. The 12.5-inch model is compatible with the Xbox Series S, but it’s also compatible with the Xbox One X and Xbox One S. Both models have built-in speakers, so you don’t have to worry about sacrificing audio quality.

UPspec’s xScreen

UPspec has created a portable Xbox monitor that folds onto the Xbox Series S, making it possible to play without a television. The xScreen will cost $249 AU, the equivalent of $187 USD or $135 EUR, and will be available to buy online. The Kickstarter campaign will run until August 6, and if the goal is reached, a working prototype will be shipped to backers by January 2022.

UPspec’s xScreeen offers a 11.6-inch IPS panel with resolution up to 1080p and a refresh rate of 60Hz. The screen features integrated stereo speakers and built-in controls. The xScreen is similar to portable screens for the PSOne and GameCube, but the latter required a power source nearby. The xScreen, however, boasts a cable-free mounting solution and draws power from the Xbox’s power cord.

Upspec’s xScreen features an 11.6-inch IPS screen that attaches to the back of the Xbox Series S. The monitor features a 1080p display resolution and 60Hz refresh rate, making it ideal for use with the Series S. The xScreen weighs 695 grams, has integrated speakers, and attaches to the Series S’s back, leaving only one USB port open for charging.

The xScreen connects to the Xbox Series S console via HDMI or USB-A ports. The monitor is secured to the Xbox with latches, and the power cord is easily attached to the device. The xScreen folds flat and can be easily transported, but the xScreen may interfere with the Xbox’s fan. It is not available in the US or Canada yet, but early reviews indicate positive compatibility.