A Review of the RAVPower PD Pioneer Portable Laptop Charger

portable laptop charger

When it comes to purchasing a portable laptop charger, there are a few different factors to consider. First of all, you should know what input types the charger supports. Are you looking for a wall outlet plug or a USB-C port? Or is a universal solution more suitable? The type of input port will determine the size of your cord, as well as its effectiveness. Lastly, you should check the voltage of the plug.

Anker Powerhouse 100

Anker’s Powerhouse 100 portable laptop charger is a fairly good overall value, with a range of features to suit every user. It comes with a travel pouch, all necessary cables, and connectors. Overall, it has the best features of any charger available on the market. It is best for traveling tech-nomads, but if you need a high-power laptop charger, look no further than the iMuto Smart Power X4G 20000mAh. The latter model is even airline-compatible.

The Anker Powerhouse 100 features two USB ports, a 45-W USB-C port, and an AC outlet for charging your devices. It supports four devices at once, and has a total capacity of 27,000 mAh. It can fully charge a 2020 MacBook Air in under two hours, and can charge an iPhone 11 up to five times. If you’re traveling for work or school, the Anker Powerhouse 100 is a great choice for a portable laptop charger.

A quick look at the Anker Powerhouse 100 shows that it’s a sturdy product. The rounded brick shape is similar to other portable power packs, and it has a USB-A and USB-C port. There’s a small flap on the end, indicating the battery’s capacity. It has a 27,000 mAh battery, and is compatible with most tech devices. If you’re looking for a portable charger that is also portable and can charge several devices at once, the Anker Powerhouse 100 is a great option.

Anker Powerhouse 100 is a high-quality portable laptop charger that charges four devices at once. It also includes all of the necessary cables and connectors for multiple devices. It solves the charging dilemma consumers have. Its fast charge rate, efficiency, and compatibility are all laudable features, and its reputation in the charger market is solid. There’s no reason not to buy one. So what are you waiting for?

Nimble CHAMP Pro

The Nimble CHAMP Pro portable laptop charger uses a rechargeable NiCad battery, one of the most popular types of batteries used in portable devices. It also comes with a USB-to-USB cable, allowing you to charge other devices with it. It can also charge a lithium-ion battery, which has a lithium polymer electrode. It has a 10,000-mAh capacity, and a single USB-C port.

It is a green product, with 70% recycled plastic in its housing. The packaging is made from paper, too. Designed for everyday use, this portable laptop charger has a powerful USB-C port and can charge most laptops. It can also be used to power a cell phone, making it a versatile piece of equipment. The Nimble CHAMP Pro is also eco-friendly, using 70 percent recycled polypropylene plastic for its housing.

This small power bank is made from recycled plastic, and ships in a recycled plastic bag. The packaging is recyclable, and Nimble offers prepaid postage for you to recycle your old tech. The battery power bank is rated at 5,200 mAh and has a USB-C port for fast, 15W charging. It also has two USB-A ports for charging a second device. This portable laptop charger can also charge a mobile phone and a tablet.


If you’re on the lookout for a new portable laptop charger, look no further than the Omnicharge portable charger. This device offers modern charging methods and is designed as a power hub for your entire electronic devices. Omnicharge portable laptop chargers let you travel freely without worrying about power deficiency, and you can purchase one from Ubuy for under $10. This review will give you a quick overview of some of the benefits of Omnicharge portable laptop chargers.

The Omnicharge 20+ features a variety of ports and features. It even includes wireless charging capabilities and a built-in OLED display. It weighs less than a pound and measures just under six inches on each side. While its ports are plentiful, it lacks storage space. Nonetheless, the portable power bank features two USB ports and supports pass-through charging. Whether you need a battery charge for your laptop, Omnicharge offers a variety of charging options that make it the ideal choice for a power-conscious traveler.

The Omnicharge is compact in size but rather heavy. It is also not rugged and is ideal for daily use. It has a few buttons to press and a small screen that displays real-time battery status and charging information. The screen may not be rugged but the device’s structure and construction will hold up to rough handling. This is an excellent option if you need to charge your laptop in the middle of the day or for extended periods.

Those in need of portable power for their laptops can also opt for the Omnicharge 20+, a multi-port power bank with USB-C and USB-A ports, wireless charging capabilities, and AC and DC ports. While the Omnicharge 20+ is a bit more expensive than other options, it packs a lot of features that average users may not need. If you’re a power user, however, this product is worth checking out.

RAVPower PD Pioneer

The RAVPower PD Pioneer portable laptop charger is a 20000mAh AC power bank with rounded edges. It has a velvety-textured outer shell and a hard shell storage case that protects it from scratches and drops. The unit’s front and back only have a small logo and five blue LEDs, while the center has a circular vent for air circulation. The unit is equipped with both USB-C and USB-A ports, and it also includes a 60-cm USB-C cable.

The RAVPower PD Pioneer is a portable laptop charger designed for locations with limited power sockets, such as the plane or the bus. This model is designed to recharge your laptop when you need it most, whether you need to finish work early or stay outside all day. A PD charger will also enable you to charge other USB-C devices such as a tablet or smartphone. It can be used as a standalone power bank, too, when you need to charge more than one device at once.

The RAVPower PD Pioneer 20000 18W is an eighty-watt AC portable laptop charger. It has a large battery and two USB ports. Its AC outlet has a 240-volt AC outlet. Its sleek, squared canister shape makes it easy to carry from place to place in your bag. Its black soft-touch exterior makes it easy to carry around. This laptop charger is compatible with most notebook brands.

The RAVPower PD Pioneer portable laptop charger has a built-in cooling fan to prevent overheating and to provide continuous power to any device. The charging LEDs are visible for about 30 seconds and will not go out while you press the power button. The charging USB cable connects to the battery and the laptop, which begins automatically. The laptop will switch to its internal battery when the portable charger shuts off.

Sherpa 100AC

The Goal Zero Sherpa 100AC is a versatile portable laptop charger with two USB-A ports, two USB-C ports, and a built-in AC wall outlet. Despite its compact size, this charger offers an impressive amount of juice, with enough juice to recharge a smartphone seven times, a high-capacity tablet three times, and a laptop more than twice. The battery is removable, making it easy to take with you on the road.

The Sherpa 100AC portable laptop charger isn’t powerful enough to power a gaming laptop, but it can charge many devices simultaneously and is smaller and more convenient than many entry-level power banks. With multiple charging options and a battery life of three to six months, this charger is well worth checking out if you frequently travel with your mobile device. And, while it may not be strong enough to power a refrigerator, it is more than enough to power a MacBook Air or a gaming laptop. However, some USB equipments require less than one ampere, and the goal zero Sherpa 100AC isn’t designed for them.

If you want a portable laptop charger that’s lightweight and enables you to carry it wherever you go, the Sherpa 100AC is a great choice. It’s compact and lightweight, measuring only one-inch longer than a typical smartphone, and features two USB-A ports and two USB-C ports. The charger is equipped with a Qi wireless charging pad and a built-in AC inverter. Goal Zero also sells portable solar panels and other products that you can use to generate your own electricity while traveling.

The Sherpa 100AC has an integrated 100W AC outlet, and the unit’s display shows both input and output wattage. It will even tell you how long it takes for the battery to run empty. However, the battery itself is not as durable as the average one. Also, the ports are heavier than USB cables. So, if you plan to take your laptop on a hike, make sure you’re carrying a battery backup!