Buying a Portable Refrigerator

portable refrigerator

A portable fridge is an indispensable piece of equipment for people who need to bring food on the go. But even the best made fridges can break. To avoid this, it is better to purchase a portable refrigerator from a reputable brand with a wide distribution network. Besides, you can benefit from their excellent after-sales support. You can also improve your fridge’s safety and utility by installing mounting hardware and making modifications to your vehicle.

Single-compartment fridges

Single-compartment portable refrigerators are powered coolers that are useful for keeping lunches cool and medicines cold. The most common size is forty litres, and this makes them ideal for weekend getaways with a partner or solo traveller. However, if you’re in the market for a bigger one, we recommend going for the 110-litre variety. These fridges will keep food cold and are a much better value.

Absorption fridges work by taking the temperature of the ambient air and converting it into a cool liquid. These are suitable for road trips and camping, and they use less electricity than conventional refrigerators. However, you should keep in mind that absorption refrigerators are not temperature-controlled, and they can only cool down to thirty degrees below the temperature of the surrounding air. They’re not suitable for very cold environments, and you should check their specs before buying.

When choosing a portable fridge, look for durable materials. Plastic can flex, but metal will resist corrosion. Fibreglass is particularly durable and will withstand rough treatment in a car. Its strength makes it ideal for marine use. Affordability is also an important consideration. The Iceco VL60 is an ideal model for perishable beverages and snacks. A portable fridge with a durable casing will last for a long time.

The size of a single-compartment refrigerator is crucial when choosing one. Most fridges have a temperature range of 10degC to -18degC. You can easily adjust the temperature to suit the ambient temperature. They can even work in unlevel surfaces. In addition, they are often temperature-controlled, allowing you to adjust the temperature when necessary. However, it should be remembered that fridges have a tendency to fluctuate up to six degrees depending on the external temperature. If the weather is particularly cold, this means that the fridge will be six degrees colder than you intended.

The Dometic CFX series has a wide range of features, such as reversible side-opening lids, wifi apps, and usb ports for charging your electronics. These units also have standard portable fridge features like an interior light, drain plug, and insulated cover. You can find more information about these refrigerators below. So, start looking for one that matches your needs and your budget! You won’t be disappointed! And remember to choose a quality model!

A single-compartment portable fridge is a great option if space is a consideration. The chest style keeps items cold and organized during travel. You can also build shelves on top of them. The downside of a chest style is that it will take up more space than an upright fridge. However, it’s a more space-efficient choice. It’s possible to purchase these refrigerators at your local RV or boat dealer.

Dometic CFX3

The ultimate powered cool box, the Dometic CFX3 100 is a portable refrigerator with variable speed compressor cooling technology. This cool box is optimised for energy efficiency, cooling, and freezing, thanks to its VMS03 variable-speed compressor. Designed for portability, it has lightweight and durable fender frames, a durable ribbed base, and spring-loaded aluminium handles. For maximum portability, the Dometic CFX3 100 comes with a lockable door and spring-loaded aluminium handles for convenient carrying.

The new Dometic CFX3 cooler is a compressor model with a 46-liter capacity and is advertised to maintain temperatures from 50degF to -7degF. The new CFX3 features AC and DC power cords and is Bluetooth-enabled. It can also be controlled via a free smartphone app. Although the design is similar to the original CFX, the CFX3 offers some improvements.

The CFX3 features a variable-speed compressor, which is a major improvement over the VMSO2 compressor. The VMSO3 compressor also retains cool air and ensures minimal power consumption. A built-in Wi-Fi module makes the Dometic CFX3 a perfect companion for off-grid camping and other activities that require electricity. It also has a tough design and a sturdier lid for added protection.

The Dometic CFX3 is a compact and stylish portable refrigerator and freezer that weighs only 48 pounds. With its integrated ice tray and rapid freezer plate, it has increased storage capacity without sacrificing fridge temperature. The CFX3 even has WiFi, which makes it easy to control temperature remotely. And thanks to its built-in app, you can keep tabs on the temperatures at any time. The CFX3 is available for download on both Apple and Android platforms, and the Dometic App can also be downloaded to your smartphone.

Its lithium-ion battery pack boasts 40Ah of energy. The battery pack allows you to draw a deep draw on dual-battery systems. The CFX3 also has a rapid-freeze plate for making ice on the go. This portable refrigerator is the perfect weekend solution. In addition, it features a three-stage dynamic battery protection system to help prevent a dead car battery.

The Dometic CFX3 portable refrigerator is a great option for RVers. This refrigerator can fit in any RV and has features to keep it closed while traveling. It has a variety of power source compatibility and is designed to fit into any RV. And the best part is that it’s completely silent. And it can operate on battery power as well. Whether it’s a car battery or a generator, the Dometic CFX3 is built for comfort.

While Dometic is a big name in the portable fridge market, it’s worth noting that this portable refrigerator is still priced competitively. The CFX3 features all of the benefits of a larger refrigerator and can be troubleshooted as well. When choosing between models, remember to prioritize your priorities and features. Once you’ve decided which model is right for you, don’t forget to read the user manual.


Norcold offers two different models of portable refrigerators. The Norcold NRF30 and NRF60 are designed for families outings and long trips, and they both have electronic temperature control panels that let you set the desired temperature. Both of these refrigerators feature CFC-free insulation foam and refrigerant, a hermetically sealed compressor, and low voltage protection. In addition, they are durable and will keep your food cold longer than some other models.

The NRF-45 portable is energy-efficient and quiet. It is a great choice for those who need extra refrigerator space. Unlike other electric coolers, the NRF-45 has separate freezer and refrigeration compartments so you can keep sandwiches cold and have ice handy. It also has built-in low-voltage protection to ensure the battery doesn’t run out of power. However, it’s important to remember that the compact size of this refrigerator means it may have to run longer than you want it to.

Another excellent portable refrigerator from Norcold is the NRF30, which is designed for families traveling for extended periods of time. This cooler holds 64 twelve ounce cans. It has a removable hinge lid and an interior light for convenience. Its corrosion-proof plastic construction and stainless steel interior make it a great choice. This unit is very affordable compared to many others. And the best part is that it’s easy to use.