Choosing a Lectern Microphone Stand

lectern microphone stand

If you’re looking for a lectern microphone stand, you’ve come to the right place. These specialized microphone stands are designed to accommodate both standard and wide radio microphones. You’ll want to consider the features of each, such as gooseneck microphones, Boom arm, and foldable tripod base, but ultimately, the choice is yours. Read on to find out more about each option. Here are some tips to help you find the perfect fit:

Gooseneck microphones

For an omnidirectional pickup, Gooseneck microphones are the perfect choice. They’re available in different types, such as boundary and omnidirectional. A gooseneck microphone is a flexible device that can be angled at any angle. Its high-density foam prevents echoes from reflecting back into the microphone. A gooseneck microphone also has an adjustable stand that you can adjust to your liking.

DPA Gooseneck solutions are ideally suited for high speech intelligibility, trouble-free installations, and pristine sound. Depending on the environment, they are ideal for boardrooms, conference centers, courtrooms, and teleconferencing settings. Their frequency independence means they have identical color around the microphone. They are also suitable for outdoor locations. A gooseneck mic can be mounted either at the podium or the lectern or on the microphone stand.

A gooseneck microphone is often mounted on a lectern or a table. Its name comes from its flexibility. It can be turned in any direction, making it an excellent choice for public speaking. Most gooseneck microphones are permanently fixed on the lectern, but wireless ones can be used as well. Wireless gooseneck microphone stands are powered by a wireless power transmitter. They are also adjustable and allow for easy positioning.

The DS6213 Gooseneck Desktop Mic Stand is a lightweight, flexible gooseneck with a heavy U-shaped base and quiet angle adjustment. The gooseneck microphone holder can be fitted with a mic clip for easy attachment. The microphone stand is ideal for tabletop or desktop workstation miking applications. The sturdy U-shaped base helps conserve workstation space. There are a number of Gooseneck microphones available to suit your needs.

Folding tripod base

The Folding Tripod Base for Lectern Mic Stand is an essential accessory for any lecture room. This sturdy and lightweight microphone stand is adjustable for height and offers precision folding. Its sturdy steel legs feature rubberized bottoms that prevent slipping. It is easy to store and transport. Its sturdy and lightweight design make it a great choice for both the classroom and on the road. Here are a few tips for choosing a microphone stand for a lectern:

When choosing a microphone stand, it is important to check the height adjustment feature. Most standard microphone stands are adjustable from thirty to seventy inches. Similarly, low boom microphone stands are adjustable from ten to fifteen inches. If you do not want to pay extra for a mic stand without this feature, then it is probably not worth buying. Moreover, these stands are fixed in one position, which makes it difficult for people of shorter heights to reach the microphone.

Another important feature of this product is its compact design. With a tripod design, it becomes naturally stable. The base is made of durable metal and features rubber feet to prevent the tripod from moving on the floor. It is compatible with three/8-inch thread mounts and can accommodate any type of mic. It also comes with two clip-on cable holders to keep cables neatly in place. It is also lightweight, making it easier to store and transport.

Another useful feature of this product is its adjustable height. This microphone stand is suited for microphones that weigh between one and five pounds. It can also be used as a stand for instrument microphones, which is especially convenient for instrument mics. This microphone stand features an additional boom that adjusts from five to ten inches, giving it a wide range of adjustment. Furthermore, it is designed to fit lecterns and other hard surfaces.

Boom arm

A Boom arm for a podium microphone stand can be used for live performances or to hold a handheld mic. The adjustable boom arm makes the microphone position easy to change for anyone standing at different heights. Many users have praised the lightweight, sturdy build of the stand, and its ability to perform optimally for years. This article will give you a brief overview of the various components of a Boom arm for a podium microphone stand.

The boom arm of a podium microphone stand has an adjustable width that can cover an area up to four times its previous size. It is capable of clamping onto any surface up to 60 mm thick, which makes it useful in unpredictable environments. It also rotates a full 360 degrees, so you can easily pass the mic to your speaker. Its sturdy steel construction makes it an excellent choice for many different situations. It is also compatible with most common microphone brands.

Another option is a tabletop desk microphone stand. These mic stands are less expensive, but they don’t provide the shock mount that a podium microphone stand does. You can get a decent budget model, like the Neewer Microphone Boom Arm, which has worked with many mics and costs under $15. The boom arm comes with a foam microphone cover that helps you get a better sound from your microphone. And it’s easy to use – just snap it onto the tabletop microphone stand and you’re good to go!

Another premium feature of a Boom arm for podium microphone stand is its rubber gasket. This reduces unwanted wind noise and helps improve audio pickup. Most users of boom mic stands will tell you that this is a vital feature. In addition to the rubber gasket, the base of a boom mic arm microphone stand will contain a rubber gasket that absorbs vibrations. Having a rubber gasket on the base of your microphone will make your mic stand last longer than you’d expect.


When it comes to accessibility of a lectern microphone stand, it’s a good idea to look for a red light. When this light comes on, the microphone is turned on, but if the power strip isn’t on, it will be off. Alternatively, you can find the red light on a power strip outside the conference room. You should also make sure that the conference room’s power strip is accessible.

An ADA-compliant aluminum motorized lectern offers a convenient way to accommodate wheelchair users and stand-up presenters. Featuring a power motorized frame, the lectern rises smoothly from the lowest point of 27 inches to the highest point of 40″. Extra-wide bases and tops provide ample surface area for presenting materials and displaying presentation materials. The oversized access area is protected by a metal rail on each leg.

GN155 Set includes a gooseneck module with LED ring and a heavy shock-mounted floor stand. It can be used in choir and other applications, and has an optional screw-on extension tube to raise the microphone for tall users. It also comes with a 33-foot-long (10m) cable and phantom power adapter. If you’re looking for a lectern microphone stand, this AKG GN155 Set is an excellent choice. Its universal size means that it will fit any DAM Series capsules, which are sold separately.

CK31, CK32, CK47, and CK 80 are a few examples of models to consider. CK80 is the most widely used lectern microphone. It features a high-quality omni-directional mic, two microphones, and a stand with built-in red lights. They are both lightweight and portable, and are suitable for placement on the floor. These microphones are great for lectures, but are you going to use them often?


You can customize your lectern microphone stand with a variety of accessories. These accessories can help you mount your microphones more securely and adjust the height easily. You can also buy different models to match your preferences. Here are some options to consider:

A gooseneck microphone holder is a good accessory for your Essential Lectern. This holder is compatible with your existing microphone system as well as your wireless Portable PA System. This microphone holder comes with wide and standard radio microphone clips. Make sure to assemble it properly before attaching it to the lectern. This will ensure the correct alignment of your microphone. Also, it helps keep your wireless microphones secure and out of the way.

Other accessories for your lectern microphone stand include music stands, phone holders, and tablet holders. Some of these stand accessories are lifesavers for your talent! You’ll never know when they’ll need to use your smartphone or tablet! A few accessories for your lectern microphone stand can make all the difference in the world. By ensuring that your audience has everything they need to stay focused and in the zone, you’ll be well prepared for every event.