Choosing a Portable Kitchen Island

If you don’t have the space to set up a permanent kitchen island, consider a portable kitchen island instead. These kitchen islands have some unique advantages over traditional ones. They can be smaller and lighter, and they’re typically free of plumbing and electrics. And, they’re free to move anywhere you want to. You can even buy a floating portable kitchen island if you’re on a budget. But which one is best for you?


When choosing a portable kitchen island, consider the space and functionality that it offers. Most islands are about 4 feet long and two feet wide, but larger models are best. Small kitchens may not be large enough for a traditional island, but they can make do with a small table or mobile butcher block station. These items offer more work space and kitchen storage, but they aren’t designed to be a primary workstation.

Mobile kitchen islands are perfect for small spaces because they can be moved around to fit in a smaller space. They can also have supplementary storage under them. These are generally larger than those with wheels, but are still a good option for smaller spaces. While some islands are built with wheels, others don’t, so make sure to decide what’s best for your kitchen before you buy. Choosing a portable kitchen island will make life easier for you, and ensure that you get the most use out of it.

For smaller spaces, consider a portable kitchen island that’s lightweight and can be easily moved. These models feature a beige granite top and black metal legs that match the color and style of the rest of the kitchen. The wrought iron frame of the island is thinner than the wood-framed ones, so it won’t obstruct your view. They can also double as a serving cart when not in use. The kitchen island can be a centerpiece of your room, and you can also use it as a place to eat.


A lighter portable kitchen island can be used as additional counter space. This island is perfect for those who need extra counter space but do not want to use the breakfast bar. The stools that can be placed underneath the unit are easy to remove and store. This model also has adjustable shelf fittings and locking brakes to prevent accidents. It has a sleek, industrial design that will compliment any kitchen. It also has a stainless steel work surface for easy clean-up.

A small kitchen makes full use of a lightweight mobile kitchen island. Its beige granite top matches the wrought iron framed legs. The metal legs are also in keeping with the classic look of the space. Another great feature of this island is its thin metal framing. This makes it look lighter than a wood-framed island and does not block the view. The same goes for the metal bar stools. These stools are also made of thin metal.

Other types of portable kitchen islands have wheels attached to them. These are more compact and convenient than other types of kitchen islands. They can be moved to another room if needed and can also be used as an extra serving buffet. You can fill them with condiments and tableware while they’re on wheels. Some models have baskets for cutlery, while others have open shelves for bulky items. The choice is up to you!

Another style of lighter portable kitchen islands is the farmhouse storage island. This design features a rustic look and vintage-style castor wheels. The countertop is made of mottled limestone and is perfect for rolling pastry or kneading dough. A farmhouse storage island is also handy for storing pots and pans. These versatile units are perfect for small kitchens that do not have the space for cabinetry. Many have locking wheels that keep them stationary when not in use.

No electrics or plumbing

One of the main advantages of a portable kitchen island is that there are no pipes or electrical connections running beneath it. This means that it can be moved around easily, which makes it perfect for small kitchens. No plumbing or electrical wiring is required, either, so you’ll save money by installing a portable kitchen island in a small room. If you’re unsure about where to place it, consider purchasing a freestanding kitchen island instead.

One of the most common questions people ask about portable kitchen islands is where they should be placed. A general guideline is to place them at least 36 inches away from the stove and refrigerator, which will allow enough room for foot traffic around them. This way, they’re closer to the kitchen areas where the food prep and serving happen, and it won’t obstruct your view. It’s also a good idea to buy an island that’s larger than your kitchen to allow more work space.

If you’re planning on moving your kitchen island, it’s a great idea to hire a contractor to do the work. Adding an island can be quite complicated, especially if you’re not a pro at DIY. You have to be careful because running 240-volt power and plumbing lines could cause complications throughout your home. Additionally, running water lines can be extremely dangerous for yourself if you’re not trained in such work.

Before moving your portable kitchen island, you should make sure to unplug any appliances and shut off any water. You should also take care to dismantle any base cabinets that may be holding your kitchen island. If you’re not an electrician or plumber, you should hire a professional to take care of it. Otherwise, you may end up wasting time and money relocating appliances to a new location.


One way to make an island look more spacious is to install colored lights. These accents will enhance the overall effect of a floating kitchen island and will highlight the ambiance. You can choose between strip lighting and LED spotlights, which create the same effect. Here are some tips for lighting an island. Choose the color and style that complements the decor of your room. Choose one with a sleek, modern design. It is also possible to add a movable bar table, if desired.

Floating kitchen islands extend beyond the base and can come with an extension that makes it easier to set up high chairs. Floating kitchen islands are often portable and can be moved about the kitchen. Portable kitchen islands are not the same as floating ones, which appear to be free of legs. They can be made from different materials to match the style of your kitchen. One option is a wood countertop made from live-edged wood. This style is especially useful if your kitchen is rustic or has a rustic theme.

A floating kitchen island can be made from a variety of materials, including glass and metal. The material should be durable enough to withstand heat and moisture. Make sure to anchor it to the floor to make it stable when you use it. If you have a countertop near the kitchen island, make sure it is spaced properly. A minimum of 36 inches of clearance is needed between the kitchen island and the cabinets in the area. The same goes for counters near the sink, stove, and dishwasher. The distance should be between 40 to 50 inches.

Choosing the height of your floating kitchen island is a good way to create a multifunctional space. The height of your island is important to ensure you have enough space to sit comfortably. It should be wide enough to fit stools on both sides, but not so large that it looks crowded. Whether you have four or eight stools, make sure there is enough space for them. Remember that the island is used for perching and eating, so make sure you choose a height that is appropriate for the number of people.

Industrial inspired

Choosing an industrial-inspired portable kitchen island for your space is a great way to add an element of industrial style to your home. The industrial look is best complemented by wood accents and metal shelving. In addition to being a functional piece of furniture, an industrial-inspired kitchen island can also serve as a dining table or breakfast area. The materials that industrial-inspired portable kitchen islands are constructed of are sturdy and durable. A wooden countertop can also be used for your island’s countertop and can be complemented by wood shelves and inscriptions.

Industrial kitchen islands are a popular furniture piece for homes. Some companies have a long history of creating these pieces, such as Far-Fetched, LLC. and Get Back, Inc. Industrial-style kitchen islands are ideal pieces for both modern and vintage homes. You can even purchase a vintage industrial kitchen island to incorporate into your home’s design. But before you make the final decision, do some research. Houzz is a one-stop-shop for everything home.

The industrial-styled look of this mobile kitchen island lends it character, and its metal and wood frame makes it sturdy enough for outdoor use. This rolling kitchen island has built-in features, like a square cutout and a metal pan underneath. The butcher block countertop is also handy for dicing and slicing food. The stainless steel sink and built-in oven are an added bonus. You can also use the mobile kitchen island as a temporary breakfast bar. Make sure to measure your space to get the perfect one.

This retro style portable kitchen island is a good option for small kitchens. It features a rectangular drop-leaf top painted light brown. Two stainless steel baskets on each side are easily accessible. It is easy to clean and has a warm chrome finish. Its eco-friendly features make it an attractive choice for any kitchen. The manufacturer states that no harmful chemicals are released during manufacturing. Once installed, this kitchen island will look great in any kitchen.