Choosing a Portable Lectern Stand 72 Inch

portable lectern stand 72 inch

When it comes to choosing a lectern, size matters. Whether you are using a 72-inch portable lectern stand or an otherwise larger one, you will need to choose carefully. Some of the features to look for include adjustable height, Maple wood grain melamine finish, Book stop, and Chameleon lecterns. Below you’ll find a brief review of these features. Ultimately, a lectern should be functional as well as attractive.

Height adjustable

The height of your Portable Lectern Stand can be adjusted in several ways to suit the needs of any presenter. This versatile piece features a 0.9″ thick table top, an MDF board document shelf and two open storage compartments for books and notes. Its silver gray powder-coated heavy-duty steel frame ensures its durability for many years. And you can adjust the height from 30 to 44 inches with ease.

This height-adjustable lectern stand is made from premium plank material that is durable and resistant to wear and tear. This waterproof and moisture-proof stand allows you to use it for long hours without worrying about a stain or water damage. It also features a wide space beneath for additional reading materials. It also comes with a locking mechanism, which means it can be repositioned whenever needed.

Another great product for presenters is the Black Wood Mobile Presentation Lectern Stand with Shelves. Its design is modern, stylish and functional, while combining functionality and affordability. Its adjustable shelves and top shelf make it an excellent choice for many different presentations. The podium also features rubber feet and casters that make it easy to move. You can adjust the height to suit your needs and your budget. A portable lectern that comes with casters is easy to move around and will not cause a tangle.

The Podium Stand is lightweight and durable, weighing 21 pounds. It has a wide work surface of 27″ X 15″, reducing eye fatigue, neck pain and improving blood circulation. With an edge stopper, it’s easy to place teaching tools and electronic devices safely. You can even use the stand to hold books and other teaching tools. So, whether you need to make presentations, lectures or meetings, this height adjustable portable lectern stand is an essential piece of equipment.

Maple wood grain melamine finish

A mobile podium that rolls easily is a handy piece of equipment for conferences and tradeshows. Featuring a melamine maple wood finish, this mobile lectern stand features a raised top and four casters for mobility. Two of the casters lock the fixture into place when not in use. It also has one adjustable and fixed shelf at the base. The lightweight design also makes it easy to transport and assemble.

This lectern is available in a variety of finishes. It features a light cream color that changes to a golden hue when the finish is clear. Maple is a stable and hard wood used for various applications. In addition to being used for floors in offices and residences, maple wood is also used for bowling alleys. It also carries sound well and has many other uses, including in musical instruments, butcher blocks, and pool cues.

Book stop

The #70 Lectern Stand is a versatile and reliable product that can be used in almost any public speaking venue. The sturdy steel base adjusts from 30 to 44 inches and features a 16″ x 20″ angled surface with a protective T-mold edging. Its built-in paper/book stop and wheels make it easy to move and store. This stand ships fully assembled and is ready for easy assembly.

This product features a 23.6″ x 18″ surface and a book stop. Its two open storage compartments and tilting mechanism allow you to keep your work space neat and organized. This unit also comes with a melamine finish for a sleek and elegant appearance. You can also use the Podium as a mobile podium during tradeshows and conferences, as it is made for such purposes.

The adjustable metal stop found on select lectern units has a keyhole style design. This design allows you to easily adjust the height or raise or lower the bookstop and ensures that the platform is level. The locking mechanism will prevent your laptop or other small devices from falling out of the lectern’s surface while you’re speaking. These features make these portable lecterns ideal for classroom use.

The durable construction of the frame and top surfaces is a key feature of this type of product. Its topcoat protects the wood finish from daily use and exposure to UV rays. Many lacquers offer scratch and UV protection. Another important feature of this product is its dado joinery, a deep groove in which the adjoining core panel slides into. It allows for a closer fit and more secure assembly.

Chameleon lecterns

The Chameleon portable lectern stand features an impressive range of colors. Choose from a variety of materials, including wood, acrylic, and metal, and customize the podium to suit your needs. These lecterns are impact-resistant, lightweight, and brilliantly clear. Many are also available at a low price that fits any budget. Read on for more details. You can purchase one with an adjustable height from six to eight feet, as well as a variety of accessories.

The Summit Lectern is perfect for use in meeting rooms, class rooms, and auditoriums. Its durable polyethylene shell is available in three styles: the Classic, Da Vinci, and Traveler. Each style features two adjustable knobs for height and tilt, and features a baffle plate for increased sound absorption. The Summit Lectern is also available in a large choice of colors and is designed for ultra portability.


The price of portable lectern stands can vary considerably. The Pyle Pro Compact and Portable Lectern Podium is a popular choice, thanks to its lightweight construction and versatility. The sturdy steel frame is adjustable in both height and angle, making it ideal for almost any type of public speaking venue, whether it’s a church, a school, or even a laptop desk at home. However, if you’re on a budget, it’s worth considering a less expensive model.

The Premium Plank is a durable and wear-resistant material that is moisture and water-resistant. It’s easy to clean and assemble, and it’s also moisture and water-proof. It’s made of premium plank, which makes it easier to maintain than some other materials. This lectern can also accommodate reading materials. You’ll be glad you got one for your home or office.

Portable Lecterns are designed to fit in with the decor of any room. Its stylish, modern design blends in with any decor. It’s made from high-quality materials and comes with a useful under-shelf for materials. Upgraded wheels make it easier to move the lectern from place to place. The Lectern Quickly Opens and Collapses for Compact Storage. It Fits Perfectly In Tight Spaces

This sturdy rolling lectern is the perfect podium for conferences and tradeshows. The melamine finish is neutral and comes with four casters. Two casters are locked in place when in use, and there is also a shelf underneath to store other items. You can even add more storage space for more notes and props. It is easy to store and can even double as a reception desk.