Choosing the Best Portable Cordless Chainsaw

best portable cordless chainsaw

When it comes to choosing the best portable cordless chainsaw, there are a number of features you should look for. In this article, we’ll look at the Stihl MS 200T, the DEWALT MAX XR, the Husqvarna 40V Max, and the Makita XCU08.

Stihl MS 200T

If you need a portable cordless chainsaw, you can’t go wrong with a Stihl MS 200T portable model. It’s compact, lightweight, and comes with an anti-vibration system to make your job easier. It also comes with a 16″ to 18″ guide bar and a powerful engine that will help you get the job done quickly. The battery life is up to seven hours, which is good news for busy homeowners.

The Stihl MS 200T is an excellent chainsaw for pros. This 35-cc saw features a 2.1 horsepower motor and is rated for professional in-tree use. While it is slightly heavier than the Stihl MS 201 T, many arborists and homeowners consider it to be superior to its predecessor. For the same price as a Stihl MS 200T, you can get a slightly more powerful version of the same model.

Another benefit of a Stihl MS 150 is that it is lightweight and capable of a wide variety of cutting applications. Its ergonomic top handle is designed to reduce operator fatigue and provide maximum control. It is not the most powerful saw, but it’s ideal for light fall clean-up and occasional cutting jobs. The price point is right as the Stihl MS 150 weighs only eight pounds, not including the battery.

As a result of its lightweight design, it can be used in remote areas without the worry of an electrical outage. This cordless chainsaw is compatible with any standard outlet and comes with a three-year warranty. However, the Stihl MS 200T portable cordless chainsaw has only one battery, which is a two-hour battery. This model is also compatible with many of the leading brands of cordless chainsaws.


The DEWALT MAX XR portable, cordless chainsaw features a 12-inch bar and chain and weighs 9 pounds, with the battery included. It offers 125 CFM of airflow and OSHA Table 1 compliant solutions, as well as an anti-static hose that’s 8 feet long. It’s lightweight and easy to maneuver in trees. Dewalt is a high-quality chainsaw brand that makes tools that are durable and easy to use.

Although the Dewalt chainsaw has some great features, it has a major drawback. Its blade is super sharp right out of the box. It was able to make 100 cuts on a 6×6 with a 6Ah battery, but after the second use I only managed to get 18 cuts. This is disappointing, as the chainsaw isn’t equipped to manage thicker wood.

Another major difference between the two is the power. The DEWALT MAX XR chainsaw is slightly smaller and less powerful than the Flexvolt, but has more power. The battery is also removable, so users can use it with other tools. This cordless chainsaw comes with a 12-inch bar and is available as a battery kit or without a battery. The 20V MAX system allows for the use of the same battery across the entire range. The company also sells gas chainsaws, like the Husqvarna CS-300.

Another key feature of the DCCS620B cordless compact chainsaw is its versatility. This cordless chainsaw is made for tough outdoor and construction jobs. The brushless motor delivers high runtime and a long life of the motor. With a hard bar cover, the DCCS620B cordless chainsaw offers greater control and versatility than its predecessors. So, you can use it for a wide range of tasks.

Husqvarna 40V Max

The Husqvarna 40V Max portable corded chainsaw features a powerful, lightweight, lithium-ion battery and automatic oiling system. The battery is interchangeable with other Husqvarna chainsaws and comes with a charger. Battery life is measured in cuts per charge. You can charge a fully charged battery within two hours. The battery will not lose charge even when left in a charging station for a long period of time.

This saw’s ergonomic design allows users to maneuver with ease. The rubberized handle houses the throttle trigger, lockout switches, and throttle. The powerhead unit is easily accessible and features a battery that slots into the top. The battery release button is conveniently located on the top of the saw. The saw also features a full wrap front handle for easy cutting at various angles. The trigger, along with a chain brake, also functions as a hand guard.

The newest model is equipped with a lithium-ion battery that offers 50 percent more power and is 50 percent cooler than a standard 18-volt battery pack. The battery powered chainsaws offer performance comparable to gas-powered models. They weigh just 14 pounds and have a two-bolt blade housing. The chainsaw comes with a chainsaw wrench for fastening and removing the blade.

A form-fitting storage case is also provided to keep the saw protected. While the chainsaw has an oil reservoir with a 200-ml capacity, users should check it regularly. An oil level indicator is provided through the transparent window on the powerhead unit. A low kickback chain and reduced kickback bar meet the safety standards. It is important to note that a gas or electric powered saw should be operated with the battery charged for at least three hours.

Makita XCU08

If you’re a landowner or homeowner looking for a cordless saw, consider the Makita XCU08 portable electric chainsaw. This tool is a step above your average household saw, excelling in clearing brush, saplings, and smaller diameter trees. It comes with Makita’s Star Protection Computer Controls, which exchange real-time data to protect against overloading and overdischarging. It also provides comfort and convenience and comes with an 18V LXT battery.

The Makita XCU08 cordless top handle chainsaw targets professionals in the field. Available with a 12 or 16-inch bar, it offers a powerful tool for tackling tough jobs. The chain is easily adjustable with bumper spikes for protection against pull-in. Despite the power of the Makita XCU08, users will still have to add oil to the bar and chain after every use.

The Makita XCU08 cordless top handle chainsaw is the ideal choice for landscapers and tree care professionals. It delivers powerful performance and reduced noise. It has a belt clip to secure it to a climber’s harness. The Makita XCU08 cordless chainsaw is available in a variety of power capacities to meet your specific needs. Its lightweight design makes it easy to carry and store in a backpack.


If you only need a small chainsaw for occasional use, the Worx portable cordless saw is a good choice. It weighs just over nine pounds and has a compact, ergonomic design. Its brushless motor is powerful enough to cut through large logs without causing burns. The saw is firewood-ready and also comes with a charger and battery. However, it does use a large amount of power during cutting.

The WORX 20V cordless chainsaw features a low-effort chain tension system that prevents the chain from slipping. Its one-handed operation and built-in safety features make it a great choice for homeowners and outdoor professionals alike. If you are looking for a compact, yet powerful chainsaw for general use, this one may be the perfect choice. It also has the ability to cut down trees and branches for firewood.

The battery should be fully charged and aligned with the saw’s rails before use. The battery bottoms out with an audible click. The battery is secured with a safety latch so it won’t fall out. The rear handle is equipped with a lock-out feature that prevents accidental engagement of the ON/OFF lever. For additional security, the saw also features an anti-slip design.

The Worx portable cordless chainsaw comes with a 20V 2.0 Ah battery. It also comes with an extension pole and an instruction manual. A charger is included. Several other accessories are included in the package, including a chainsaw wrench and a battery. The battery is charged in about thirty minutes. With a 20V battery, you can easily get a full-size blade with a single charge.