Portable Door Locks

If you are looking for a portable door lock, the Addalock may be what you need. This versatile lock works on most swinging and hinged doors and provides safety, security, and privacy for your home. In addition to offering safety and security at home, it’s easy to install without the use of tools. Using this product can protect your home, apartment, child safety, or college dorm room. You can install Addalock in just a few minutes.

Xelar door lock

XELAR portable door locks are easy to use, inexpensive, and come with a carry case to keep it from getting lost. They are made from heavy-duty steel for durability and use the latest electroplating and polishing engineering. The lock provides secondary security for college students, at-resident mothers, and travelers. You can even use it on doors without locks. This product works on most standard strike plates, but may not work on all models.

The lightweight portable door lock can fit into most standard inward-opening doors and can be easily stored in a purse or pocket. This device can also be used for extra security at home, whether it is a bedroom, dorm room, or hotel room. The metal parts are made of durable stainless steel, and the ABS plastic cover prevents them from denting under pressure. It also minimizes the chance of skin injury due to its smooth, polished surface.

When using the Xelar portable door lock, you can lock up any interior or exterior door with a combination that only you know. The locking mechanism is simple: you simply slide the metal knob through a hold on the plate, and the corresponding lock mechanism locks the door. Once installed, it cannot be opened from the inside or outside of the home. When you need to remove the lock, you simply slide the key upward. As it weighs only four ounces, it won’t tip your luggage over, but will still prevent unauthorized access.

When choosing a portable door lock, remember to get a product with instructions. Many models will come with some kind of installation guide, which will make installation as simple as possible. If you’re a first-time user, avoid buying a lock that doesn’t come with instructions. In addition, you should check for reviews and ratings from people who have used the Xelar portable door lock. If you’re not sure how to install the device, you can check out Rishon Enterprises’ online videos to learn more about this product.


If you want security for a door that is both swinging and hinged, then the Addalock portable door lock is the right choice. With added security, privacy, and safety, the Addalock is an excellent choice for any home. This easy-to-install device is a great option for child safety locks, college dorm room security, and more. You can install the Addalock in just seconds and leave it there for security.

The Addalock is comprised of a steel body with a butterfly hole in the center. The lock attaches a key to a metal plate that clips into most strike plates. The metal plate is made of chrome-plated carbon steel and is adjustable to fit virtually any door thickness. The Addalock is made in the US. Addalock has won several safety awards, including the prestigious I.D. Award for design.

The Addalock is easy to install and is great for people on the go. Installing it is a snap, and the user simply needs to insert the handle into the latch. The claws will fit into the strike plate. The latch will stay in place once it is installed, so you can rest assured that you have added a lock to protect yourself and your belongings. The Addalock is perfect for use in hotels, college dorms, and many other places.

The Addalock portable door lock comes with two inside locks. The latch hooks into the strike plate, and the moving rod goes into a metal piece attached to the door. Once it has been properly installed, the Addalock will prevent anyone from opening the door, even if they have the key. However, if you need to give multiple people access to the door, you may want to purchase another lock. It is also a convenient way to secure a door when you are on the go.


The ToolsGold portable door lock is lightweight and easy to carry, with a protective cover over the locking mechanism. The device fits into a pocket or bag, and is completely unnoticeable on a door. Its small size means that it can be used almost anywhere, from home to a car. It also blends in with any door. Whether you’re traveling to another country or just visiting family, this door lock will keep your belongings secure.

The lightweight, portable door lock is made of premium stainless steel and is easy to carry around. It’s designed for easy installation and fits most door styles. Unlike other portable door locks, this device is easily installed and is made of thicker steel than the average door lock. The lock comes with a convenient carrying pouch. Made of heavy duty steel and rust-resistant stainless steel, the toolsgold portable door lock will make any door completely safe.

The easy-to-use porta-lock can be installed in just a few seconds, without tools. This product is perfect for traveling, tradespeople, students, and anyone else who wants increased security. A portable door lock will not only keep belongings secure, but it will also give you peace of mind. Its easy installation makes it an ideal solution for traveling or for securing a storage area. If you’re looking for a portable door lock, look no further than ToolsGold. These locks are available worldwide and are easy to install and remove.

Despite its name, this universal door lock can fit any door in your home, no matter where you’re staying. It will fit almost all types of doors and can be used with any key. And, unlike other portable door locks, it won’t cause damage to your doors. In fact, the universal lock is so durable that it’s even good for airplanes. You can use it without any hassles when traveling abroad, and it can be carried in your backpack.


If you are concerned about potential burglaries, the Calslock portable door lock is an ideal security solution. With a size of two pens, this portable lock offers solid protection and peace of mind for your home. Hooking the lock into the strike plate of your door, and sliding it up and down with your finger, the Calslock prevents unauthorized entry. This lock can be removed in case of emergency, but it is recommended that you consider all possible scenarios before installing it.

Installing the Calslock is easy and does not require any tools. It is made of brass plated steel, and is sturdy and easy to remove in case of an emergency. The door lock works only on doors that swing toward the living space. It is also not recommended to use it on doors with large gaps. However, it works well on a large variety of doors and is very easy to install. The only limitation to the Calslock portable door lock is that it is not suitable for doors with large gaps, which may prevent emergency personnel from entering the room.

The Calslock portable door lock is a great option for people traveling on a budget. It is easy to install and remove, and is lightweight, so it can be easily carried on an airplane. The Calslock is ideal for hostels and dorms, as it keeps out unwanted guests and ex-roommates without keys. It also works on almost any door’s thickness. You can easily install the Calslock on any door and enjoy the peace of mind it offers.

Haven smart door lock

The Haven Smart Door Lock is a wireless, Wi-Fi enabled portable door lock that protects your home from burglars. The lock’s design wedges against the door when engaged and releases when you unlock the door. The device’s Wi-Fi connection allows it to sync with your phone and even work with wearables. It’s also able to send digital keys to visitors, which is useful if you’re away from home.

The Haven Smart Lock recognizes the unique signal of your smartphone and detects when someone is approaching the house. Its WiFi connectivity allows you to control it remotely through your mobile device. The lock also has a foot switch for controlling it physically. However, the Haven Smart Door Lock is not designed to be operated by people outside the house. You’ll need to set up a wireless connection for it to work with a Bluetooth connection.