Portable Phone Case Charger For iPhone 8 Plus

portable phone case charger for iphone 8 plus

If you’re looking for a portable phone case charger for your iPhone 8 Plus, you’ve come to the right place. This review will introduce you to several great options, including the Alpatronix BX170 Ultra-Slim charging case, the Kuner Kuke Smart Case, and the Trianium Atomic Pro battery case. The Trianium extended battery is a great way to double the life of your iPhone 8 Plus. Not only does it offer a long-lasting charge, it’s also fully functional, with features such as LED power level indicators and pass-through syncing.

Alpatronix BX170 Ultra-Slim charging case

The Alpatronix BX170 ultra-slim charging case for iPhone 8 plus offers 360-degree protection. The raised corners of the case keep the screen from coming in contact with surfaces when the phone is face down. This case is available in three colors and comes with a lifetime warranty. The case has precise cutouts and buttons for easy access to all the phone’s functions.

Alpatronix’s bx170 ultra-slim charging case for iPhone 8 plus is certified for all iPhone models. It is compatible with Apple Pay and Carplay. It comes with a Tempered Glass screen protector and a user manual. The company also offers a 2-year guarantee. Its high sales volume means that customers are satisfied with it. The company is located in California and stands behind their products.

Alpatronix’ BX170 ultra-slim charging case for iPhone 8 plus provides 150% of additional battery charge. Most battery cases are clunky and bulky. With the Alpatronix BX170 ultra-slim case, you’ll be able to charge your iPhone in a flash without obstructing your iPhone’s use.

If you are an iPhone lover, you’ll want to invest in an Alptronix BX170 Ultra-Sleek charging case for your phone. It is Apple-certified and is easy to install. It also comes in a variety of colors to match your iPhone 8.

The Alpatronix battery case has a true 5000mAh battery capacity. Most battery cases have trouble with giving your phone 100% charge. This case, on the other hand, offers up to 120% charge. You can even leave some charge room for partial charging. Lastly, this case uses a certified lightning chip for 100 percent compatibility with your iPhone.

The Alpatronix BX170 ultra-slim charging case for iPhone 8 plus delivers 200% more battery life than a standard battery case. With this case, you can use the lightning to USB cable to charge your phone. It can even be used as a car mount. Despite the slim size, the battery case is still lightweight and thin.

Kuner Kuke Smart Case

While the iPhone’s Lightning connector can be problematic when using a USB-C charger, the KUKE Smart Case is not like that. It is a slim and streamlined case that can charge your iPhone while adding a micro-sd card. This will enable you to watch movies without taking up valuable space on your phone. However, if you’re going to use this device for charging, make sure to download the Kuner Kuke app.

Another drawback of the KUKE is its restrictive headphone jack. The Kuke comes with an adapter cable that you can buy for about $1 on Ebay. It also has a speaker grille and microphone that are exposed. Despite that, the KUKE has an attractive layout with chrome buttons. The ringer/silent switch is accessible through a small port that is easily accessed with a finger nail.

In addition to its slim design, the KUKE Smart Case has a 2400mAh battery. That’s nearly double the capacity of the iPhone 6s Plus and should last at least two and a half days without needing to be recharged. It also has an expandable memory slot that will allow you to add extra storage. This is great news for those who use their iPhone often, but don’t want to be plugged in all the time.

In addition to a battery with a 2400mAh capacity, the Kuner KUKE iPhone 7 Memory Expansion Battery Case includes an SD card slot for storing data. It also charges your phone while protecting the phone. You can also choose between white and black versions of the case, but it is currently only available for the iPhone 7.

Trianium Atomic Pro battery case

The Trianium Atomic Pro battery case for the iPhone 8 Plus doubles as an external charger and extends the life of your iPhone by 100 percent. Its powerful Li-polymer rechargeable atomic pro battery gives your iPhone an extra 100 hours of use. LED indicator lights on the case indicate its power level. Its bumper design is a unique addition to your phone. Unfortunately, you can’t use headphones while wearing the battery case. Instead, you should use Bluetooth headphones.

This iPhone battery case comes with an integrated lithium polymer battery chip of 8500 mAh. This battery gives your iPhone eight plus up to twenty-four hours of talk time and sixty hours of audio playback. The case is also well-made, with a 360-degree bumper to protect the device. The battery case also comes with built-in chips to prevent overcharging, short-circuiting, and overheating.

Despite its slim profile, the battery case is incredibly effective and is ideal for everyday use. With a 4880 mAh capacity, it has the ability to last for hours. This case has a rubberized surface to minimize slipping and bumps. Its lightweight design means you can carry your phone around the office without any worry. A good battery case is an essential accessory for any smartphone.

The Trianium Atomic Pro battery case is one of the best ways to protect your iPhone. The case provides a slim, protective shell for your device while extending its life by 200%. The battery is incredibly slim – only 0.51 inch thick – and it charges with the phone. To keep it safe from bumps and dings, you can also use a charging dock or lightning cable to connect the battery case to your phone.

Another feature of this battery case is its sync-through technology. This means you can charge your iPhone with the included microUSB cable. This technology allows you to save yourself the trouble of buying and keeping multiple apple cables. Moreover, the case’s built-in microUSB connector connects to the lightning 8-pin output on your iPhone. It makes using your iPhone a breeze, as you can transfer data without taking off the battery case.

Ghostek backpacks

If you’re looking for a portable phone case charger for your iPhone 8, Ghostek has you covered. Its backpack-style design has two main zipper compartments – one large and one smaller – and two built-in USB ports. The latter is particularly useful because you can charge your smartphone from a nearby wall outlet while on the go. You can also find a power button and DC input on the Ghostek backpack’s exterior.