Portable Rolling Rack For Sink

portable rolling rack for sink

When you’re ready to upgrade your kitchen storage, a portable rolling rack for sink can make the process easier than ever. These racks can double as trivets, drying spaces, and storage areas for all of the items in your kitchen. You can even purchase sets that include a vegetable basket and detergent holders. When shopping for a rack for your sink, experts suggest measuring the width of your sink and purchasing the correct size.


Sorbus makes a versatile, portable rolling rack for your sink. Its stainless steel base and slip-resistant silicone coating help keep items safe while they are drying. The sink-mounted drying rack can accommodate large pots, bowls, silverware, and more, while allowing for optimal air flow. Its sturdy design keeps items from falling out of the sink and causing a fire hazard. This durable sink-mounted rack can also accommodate small pots, mugs, and other items.

The Sorbus portable rolling rack fits over your sink and drain so you can avoid a messy floor. Made of stainless steel and silicone, the rack is non-slip and does not rust. The rack is 20 inches long, 13 inches wide, and 0.23 inches tall. It also comes with seven utensil hooks. This rack can dry your dishes quickly, and it can be stored easily when not in use.

Another great feature of this dish rack is its three-tiered design. The top rack has space for large containers and bowls while the lower rack is perfect for dishes and bowls. The bottom portion features hangers to hang accessories and other items. The inner side of the rack includes two containers to store cleaning agents and cutting blocks. A large soap case is located on the bottom for easy access. If you need extra storage, this rack can hold all of these items, and much more.


If you’re looking for a dish drying rack for your sink, you’ve probably noticed the Brexla adjustable over-the-sink model. This nifty rack is easily adjustable to fit any sink size and has interchangeable parts. In addition to the bowl and plate racks, it also includes a fruit basket, detergent basket, knife holder, and seven utensil hooks.

Another handy feature is its U-shaped design, which provides stability, even when full. This nifty piece of equipment can hold up to 80 pounds and can hold plenty of heavy pots and pans. It also features a cup holder that allows you to put a glass in it and drain it right into the sink. This sink accessory is an excellent choice for anyone who cooks and loves to save time.


The Kraus portable rolling rack for sink is made of heavy-duty stainless steel that is coated with a soft silicone coating. It features four suction cups to keep messes at bay. The rack is durable and can hold up to 80 pounds. The design of the sink is also compatible with the Kore Rinse Basket to dry your dishes quickly and easily. It is made of premium grade stainless steel with a corrosion-resistant finish.

The Kraus KRM-10 is the most affordable and understated over-the-sink drying rack on the market. It does not have much space for storage but is perfect for drying dishes. It can be stored in a closet or placed on the side of the sink without taking up valuable space. The best part about this sink drying rack is that it can be used while rinsing dishes. It is easy to install and can be kept on the side of the sink. Once you are finished with washing dishes, you can simply put them on the rack to dry. When you are ready to put them on the rack, the water will drain from the sink.

The Kraus Kore Roll-Up Dish Drying Rack is an elegant and practical solution for drying your dishes without taking up valuable counter space. It is made of heavy-duty stainless steel and features a non-slip silicone coating that keeps your counters clean and sanitized. Designed for kitchens, the Kore Roll-Up Dish Drying Rack is ideal for air-drying dishes and rinsing produce. The rack’s sturdy design also prevents puddles and keeps your counters clutter-free.


The Bellemain portable rolling rack for sink comes with a variety of useful functions. It serves as a trivet, colander and counter protector. Made of FDA-approved silicone-coated stiff metal steel rods, the rack is non-slip, durable and hygienic. You can use it to store and dry everything from delicate glass stemware to big bulky cookware. Because of its size, it fits over standard kitchen sinks without blocking the access.

The stainless steel construction and silicone coating of the Bellemain portable rolling rack for sink are sturdy and food-safe. The rack’s sturdy construction is designed to hold up to 70 lbs of kitchenware. In addition, it can be easily cleaned in the dishwasher. The Bellemain portable rolling rack for sink can save valuable counter space over a standard 16-inch-wide sink. It’s also dishwasher-safe, and is backed by a two-year warranty.

This dish drying rack is designed with 15 stainless steel tubes that are secured together with silicone. The roll-up design keeps the metal from touching the sink, which prevents scratching delicate dishes. Besides drying, the roll-up design saves counter space. It’s adjustable and convenient, and you can store it in a cabinet or drawer when not in use. You can also place it above a sink to protect counters from hot items.


If you have a small kitchen, you may not have the space for a sink drying rack. Ahyuan offers a portable rolling rack that fits over the sink. It allows water to drip into the drain while still providing a sturdy surface to dry dishes. The stainless steel material is silicone coated, making it rust-proof. The rack has non-slip rubber grips for added safety. When you’re finished drying dishes, you can roll the rack up and store it when not in use.

Ahyuan is an over-the-sink drying rack that rolls up into a drawer, saving you counter space. The Ahyuan rack is 18 inches wide and 11 inches long, with 16 stainless steel pipes. It costs under thirteen dollars and comes with removable stainless steel pipes. The rack is also dishwasher-safe, and you can easily wash it in your dishwasher. Its sturdy construction means that it will stand up to heavy use, and its warranty covers it for two years.

The Ahyuan portable rolling rack for sink is made of top-quality materials, including stainless steel and slip-resistant silicone coating. It will store a variety of items, including hot pots and casseroles. It also provides optimal airflow to prevent water from spilling. Another benefit of this rack is its size. While a tank rack doesn’t fit in every sink, it’s still useful in small kitchens.

True & Tidy

The True & Tidy portable rolling rack is one of the best ways to keep your sink hygienic and sanitary. This nifty little sink accessory comes with a user manual and a hexagonal wrench. The parts of the sink rack can be easily moved around to fit the shape and size of your sink. Before you buy this rack, take some measurements: the length of your sink is 32.5″, the height of your faucet is 17″, and the distance between your countertop and the cabinet is 24 inches.

This all-in-one dish drying rack is designed with nine storage compartments for storing utensils, pots, and pans. The upper tier holds up to ten plates, 12 bowls, 3 wine glasses, and a variety of cleaning supplies. The lower layer is equipped with five practical hooks to hold your knives, cutting board, and pot cover. Whether it’s drying out your dishes or storing your cleaning supplies, this sink organizer makes a good addition to any kitchen.

This sink drying rack features 15 stainless steel pipes connected with a silicone-coated frame. It can support up to 70 lbs. and is waterproof, rust-resistant, and non-slip. This sink rack is a must-have for any kitchen or apartment. It can also be used for fruit hammocks. Regardless of the style of your sink, you’ll be happy you purchased it.