Portable Speaker Reviews at BJ’s Wholesale Club

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If you are looking for a great gift for someone who has everything, a portable speaker is an excellent option. There are many different styles and sizes available, making them a perfect gift for any age or occasion. You can find a portable speaker at BJ’s Wholesale Club for just about any price range. Below is a review of the most popular models. You can also read our reviews of the JBL Clip 4, Ultimate Ears Wonderboom 2, and Sonos Move.

Tribit XSound Go

The battery-operated Tribit XSound Go portable Bluetooth speaker is a sleek-looking device that can easily fit into any purse or pocket. Its IPX7 waterproof rating means that it is safe to use in water, and the 3.5mm audio jack gives you easy access to your music. The XSound Go supports voice assistants, and you can even use it as a portable speaker for your car’s stereo.

The Tribit XSound Go Bluetooth speaker is easy to pair with any compatible device. Bluetooth 4.2 technology provides a range of 66ft. It will automatically pair to the last device it was paired to. However, the device lacks fancy features like NFC quick pairing, stereo, or multipoint pairing. Its controls are simple but effective. While the speaker is waterproof, it does have a small LED next to the power button.

The Tribit XSound Go Bluetooth speaker is a great choice for travelers. It has excellent audio quality and an incredible battery life of 20 hours. Its compact design and strap allows you to take it anywhere you go. You’ll never be far from music with this speaker. Its waterproof capabilities make it ideal for outdoor use, and you can easily pack it in your bag or purse when you’re not using it.

While the Tribit XSound Go portable bluetooth speaker has a similar size to the Anker Soundcore 2, it’s a better all-around speaker. It’s incredibly affordable, and its waterproof design makes it a great all-weather companion. Its Bluetooth 4.2 technology offers stable wireless connection and a remarkable range of 66 feet. Its rugged exterior and solid internal frame ensure that it won’t be damaged.

Ultimate Ears Wonderboom 2

The Ultimate Ears WONDERBOOM 2 is a rock-solid, portable speaker that is built for big sound anywhere you go. It has an outdoor boost feature that cranks up the sound volume in any environment. It’s also waterproof and features a convenient carry handle. We tried it out for ourselves. Read on to discover whether or not it’s right for you. Here’s what we think.

The WONDERBOOM 2 is seriously portable, but if you are worried about the water-resistant design and the lack of an integrated microphone, it’s best to steer clear. You’ll also find that this speaker is drop-proof and has a convenient loop for hanging. It’s a portable speaker that doesn’t take up much room, so you’ll probably be taking it everywhere with you.

Another difference between the Wonderboom 2 and the original is its Bluetooth capabilities. Its wireless connection allows you to pair two speakers with a Bluetooth device. The range is 33 meters, so if you want to take the party outdoors, this speaker is the way to go. You can also use it on airplanes, in cars, and in the great outdoors. It can be recharged via USB or by charging it through its micro-USB port.

The WONDERBOOM speakers are easily portable, weighing less than one pound. Their signature plus and minus buttons are located on the side, with one press for pause and another for skip. The speaker’s top panel contains three discrete buttons for power, Bluetooth pairing, and playback controls. It’s also possible to skip tracks on your playlist, but this feature requires you to be connected to your phone.

JBL Clip 4

The waterproof, portable JBL Clip 4 delivers rich, original Pro Sound. The portable design of this speaker wraps it in colorful fabrics and includes expressive street fashion details. Its fully integrated carabiner lets you easily hook it to your belt or bag with ease. A fully retractable carabiner allows you to attach the portable speaker to buckles, belts, or bags. The clip is also shock-resistant and waterproof.

Another great feature of the JBL Clip 4 portable speaker is its Bluetooth connection. The speaker supports Bluetooth 5.1, the smallest version of Bluetooth, providing quick connectivity. The battery life is impressive at 10 hours and the device charges once. It also works outdoors, making it a perfect companion for outdoor excursions. Its battery life can last up to five hours, depending on volume. The JBL Clip 4 is waterproof and has a built-in carabiner for easy attachment.

The Clip 4’s sound is better than its predecessor, but it still has its limits. It sounds good with less demanding tracks, but it doesn’t excel with more demanding material. Its powerful midrange delivers richer movie playback. You can even take the JBL Clip 4 on a camping trip without worry about damage. If you’re in the mood for a little bit of bass, this portable speaker is worth considering.

The JBL Clip 4 is a compact and convenient portable speaker with clear, booming sound. It is 5.3 inches tall and weighs less than a pound. It’s small size makes it easy to carry in a backpack. Despite its portability, it has a long battery life and has clip construction. You can even use it while showering. The Clip 4 is perfect for commuting by bicycle, in the shower, and while studying.

The JBL Clip 4 is a colorful portable speaker that clips onto a belt or backpack. It can go with you wherever you go, with its integrated quality carabiner hook. Its bright colors add a touch of freshness to any environment. It delivers crisp, punchy bass, and is suitable for a range of different situations. Its ruggedness and slim design make it the perfect portable speaker for traveling.

Sonos Move

The Sonos Move is a weatherproof, drop-resistant portable speaker that can be taken anywhere. Control your music with your voice or the Sonos app. It also works with Apple AirPlay 2 at home and Bluetooth when Wi-Fi is not available. This is the perfect companion for a family who loves to travel. But if you’re not a music fanatic, the Sonos Move may not be for you.

The Sonos Move comes with a handle and three buttons on its back. The familiar “join” button sits next to a new power button. The Bluetooth toggle button can be pushed to toggle Bluetooth. The speaker can also connect to your home’s Sonos system via WiFi. It costs $399 and is available for pre-order today. It will arrive in stores on September 24. The Sonos Move is a wireless Bluetooth speaker and can connect to networks via Wi-Fi and Bluetooth.

The Sonos Move’s microphone allows for crisp, high-frequency response. The sound is dispersed evenly over 220 degrees and uses smart voice capture and noise cancellation. You can even control the speaker using your voice or the Sonos app. Another cool feature is that the speaker works with Apple AirPlay 2 when Wi-Fi is available. Bluetooth is also a good option if Wi-Fi is not available. This is because it does not require you to enter the password each time you want to control the volume.

The Sonos Move uses two charging options. A simple charging base is available for use indoors. With this, you don’t have to worry about aligning the speaker with the charging base. It also provides a convenient charging cradle. You can also add a power source from a USB-C port. Another option is to purchase a Sonos wireless charging base. This is an excellent option for indoor use as it is designed for use indoors.

Another feature of the Sonos Move portable speaker is its AI-powered sound calibration platform. The Sonos Trueplay adaptive sound feature uses a smartphone app to analyze the sound in your room and match it with the speaker. This feature also reduces distortion. While the speaker is not always stationary, it will listen to itself for optimal performance. This way, you won’t have to worry about connecting it to other speakers to ensure that it delivers the best sound.