Portable Ultrasound Machines

portable ultrasound machine

A portable ultrasound machine is one of the most popular medical devices. These ultrasound devices can be used on the go, in any emergency situation, and provide an instant read on a patient’s condition. In fact, the U.S. Army has made portable ultrasound devices their exclusive supplier, equipping its medics with them to triage battlefield injuries. Despite its military application, it can also benefit emerging markets. Portable ultrasounds are ideal for quick scans of the MSK and other non-serious situations.

GE Vivid IQ Premium

GE’s Vivid IQ premium portable ultrasound machine has a lot to offer. With a touchscreen and intuitive user interface, it is an affordable and portable ultrasound machine that supports cardiac, fetal/OB, and peripheral vascular procedures. It also supports pediatric, abodominal, and adult cephalic procedures. Although this machine comes with an optional tablet computer, most users prefer a physical keyboard and mouse.

The GE Vivid IQ Premium portable ultrasound offers superior image quality with advanced cardiac imaging technologies, including Tissue Velocity Imaging, Tissue Tracking, and Strain Rate. The machine features a 15.6-inch tablet-like screen and a four-hour battery life. In addition, it includes an array of probes for a variety of diagnostic uses. And, because it is portable, it’s easy to bring it wherever you go.

The Vivid IQ also offers superior image quality and advanced visualization options for cardiology and vascular applications. The machine’s built-in Artificial Intelligence (AI) helps healthcare professionals work more effectively and efficiently. It also features a wide field of view for improved visualization of blood flow dynamics. Further, the Vivid IQ Premium portable ultrasound machine offers an intuitive user interface. Its powerful capabilities and compact size make it a convenient option for a busy practice.

Other benefits of the GE Vivid IQ include its compact design, touch user interface, and flexible monitor. These features enable convenient mobility and encourage scanning at the patient’s site. A battery-operated option is also available. Its fast boot-up time makes it easy to take it anywhere. Several transducers are available, including dual-frequency, acoustic, and femto-echo.

Mindray Venue Go

The Venue Go portable ultrasound machine is a compact, easy-to-use device. Its seamless 15″ touchscreen display and built-in Cleaning Mode allow for easy disinfection. The machine can run up to two hours on battery power and is equipped with many productivity-boosting innovations. The Venue Go’s impressive list of features includes a variety of different imaging modes and advanced software. It also offers automatic data acquisition and analysis to accelerate diagnosis in urgent situations.

The Venue Go’s suite of features includes B-mode, M-mode, and Anatomical M-mode. The device also features Color Flow Mode, Power Doppler, and Continuous Wave Doppler imaging. The Venue Go also has a Tissue Doppler option, allowing the practitioner to image the tissue without using a probe. Its price is also competitive compared to its competitors. You can get the Venue Go for less than half the cost of similar models.

The Venue Go is available in two sizes. One is a single-surface touchscreen with no knobs, buttons, or keyboard. This model features a cover that resists everyday wear and medical disinfectants, making it easier to clean. The Venue Go portable ultrasound machine has several features that make it ideal for physicians on the go. Aside from recording and recall, it also has printing capabilities. In addition to its features, the Venue Go portable ultrasound machine has a wide range of ports.

The Logiq and Acuson series of ultrasound machines offer excellent image quality. If you want to stay on a tight budget, you can check out the Acuson X series, which has a range of low-priced models. The S-series is a higher-end lineup, with the S2000, S8, and 3000. You can also check out the Xario and Venue portable ultrasound machine lineups.


The GE LOGIQ E portable ultrasound machine is one of the leading portable systems in the medical industry. It delivers excellent image quality and allows for flexible diagnostic examinations. Its user-friendly design makes it easy to use in a variety of settings. Applications for the GE LOGIQ E portable ultrasound machine include abdominal, cardiac, musculoskeletal, and pediatric/neonatal exams. It can be used both in the clinic and at home.

The LOGIQ e is easy to use, featuring a large color display, specialized software, and transducers. Its image quality is high enough to allow guidance and diagnostics in a Point of Care environment, yet fast enough to work with in a cramped exam room. Additionally, the LOGIQ e has wireless capabilities. While these capabilities are not necessary for Point of Care applications, they are helpful in other applications.

The LOGIQ e is equipped with the NextGen LOGIQ imaging engine, which is also found in GE’s flagship console systems. With the NextGen LOGIQ e, users can get crisp images and perform procedures quickly and easily. In addition to a compact design, the LOGIQ e also has an enhanced cybersecurity. Its portability and durability make it a perfect choice for a busy office.

Portable cart-based ultrasounds are ideal for busy doctors, because they provide exceptional image quality and advanced applications in a compact footprint. They are ideal for emergency rooms, interventional radiology, and vascular departments. Mindray’s powerful cart-based imaging platform is portable and offers exceptional B-mode imaging. It also has an on-board battery and ergonomic design. If you’re looking for an ultra-portable ultrasound machine, the Z.One PRO from Mindray is the one for you.

Philips Healthcare CX50 CompactXtreme

The Philips Healthcare CX50 CompactXtrem portable ultrasound machine has two distinct versions. The first version, the CX50 Rev.A, was released between 2008 and 2012 and was less expensive than the other two. The downside to the CX50 Rev.A was that it did not support some probes and had hardware bugs. The CX50 Rev.B, however, fixed these issues.

The CX50 xMATRIX features a full line of imaging capabilities. Live 3D TEE provides a better understanding of cardiac structure and function. The Xtreme architecture allows for future capabilities, and EchoNavigator is 510(k) pending. The machine’s flexible transducer portfolio includes C8-5, L12-5, and S12-3 sector transducers. It also offers structured reporting capabilities.

In terms of image quality, the CX50 is comparable to its predecessors. The Rev.B version features an improved imaging algorithm and a new internal hardware. The CX50 can now run the Philips X7-2t TEE probe. Unfortunately, the CX50 can’t support xMATRIX without the Rev.C hardware revision. If you are considering purchasing a CX50, make sure you read these specifications carefully.

Portability is another major benefit of the CX50. It’s easily portable to several scanning environments. Its built-in battery and handle make it easy to move around the hospital or to distant locations. The portable design also means it weighs 13 pounds. It comes with a carry case and a cart for mobility. Its advanced technology provides better image quality and improved resolution and a higher definition of tissue textures.