Portable Yarn Holders

portable yarn holder

The most convenient portable yarn holder is made of lightweight plastic and features six separate compartments to keep your skeins organized. The opening in the center compartment prevents fraying and tangling. The holder has a handy carrying handle for convenient portability. It measures about 13-1/2 in. H x 11-1/2 in. W and each compartment measures two inches wide. The overall dimensions are 13-1/2 in. H x 11-1/2 in. W.

Dollar store paper towel holder

A paper towel ring from the Dollar Store makes an excellent portable yarn keeper. They are cheap and available at Dollar Tree for a dollar each. If you want to create a special yarn ring for your c2c crochet project, you can purchase a plastic one from a craft store for a few dollars and paint it to match your decor. These holders can also be used to store your bracelets and scrunchies.

Folgers coffee tub

If you enjoy making your own brewed coffee, you might want a portable yarn holder. The Folgers coffee tub comes in generous sizes with a built-in handle and a wide-mouthed snap-on lid. Because it is flexible and easy to use, it can also double as a yarn holder. It’s great for traveling because the lid snaps on and off easily, and it can hold up to 3.5 lbs.

Egg carton

If you are into art or crafts and want a portable yarn holder, egg cartons can be the perfect material. Separate the bottom and top of the egg carton. Then, use the scissors to cut out individual egg cups. Next, use glue to assemble the cups. You can also paint them or use spray paint. Portable yarn holder for egg cartons makes it easy to keep your yarn or thread close.

Another craft that uses egg cartons is making 3-D paper puppets. You can turn them into puppets, or even turn them into tiny houses! Decorate them with glitter for an eye-catching gift! Whether you’re making these cute little creatures for Mother’s Day, Easter, or spring, they make a great craft gift for kids. And if you’re looking for something to give as a gift, consider making an egg carton cow.

Another great idea for a yarn holder made of an egg carton is a flower arrangement. This project is easy to make and will be a hit with your kids. Plus, it’s inexpensive and incredibly useful. You can use egg cartons for other crafts or as a mold material. You can even make ornaments or even plaques with your finished creations. Make them as gifts for friends and family.

Besides the yarn holder, egg cartons can also be used as building blocks! They can also be turned into kid friendly organizers or toys. Try making a portable yarn holder out of an egg carton, and your kids will thank you later. It’s a great project for the entire family and you’ll be surprised at how many uses it will get. If you have kids, you can even make a simple egg carton lion for your friends.

Prym Big Sully

The Prym Big Sully portable yarn organiser is a large and multifunctional clear globe that provides a safe, convenient, and protective home for your yarn. Designed to accommodate most standard-sized skeins, cones, and balls, the Big Sully also features multiple channels and ball trays. In addition to this, it also features a stitch size ruler and needle gauge. The base is non-slip for optimum stability, making it easy to place items in and remove them for cleaning.

The Prym Big Sully is the ultimate yarn storage system. The Prym The Yarnit Portable Yarn Holder offers a protective home for your yarn, including a hinged lid and open channels for easy access. The Prym Yarnit is a great gift idea for a knitting friend and is a great way to keep your unused yarn out of reach of small hands. This free-to-download pattern is easy to follow and will keep your yarn secure, out of harm’s way, and off sticky floor mats.

HansenCrafts Yarn Valet

The HansenCrafts Yarn Valets make storing your yarn easy. They come in a sleek, turquoise blue design and feature a glazed interior. Each has a yarn release hook and a rubberized base to prevent slipping. A lower hole holds bulkier yarns, and the shaft is stored securely in the base. You can keep them in your project bag or purse.