The Best Portable Axe Throwing Target

best portable axe throwing target

The Pure Romance by Becky target is portable and self-standing. It does not need to be mounted. It also has a painted bullseye. This target is ideal for throwing small hatchets. Mr Karlitos has also designed a stationary axe throwing target. It is sturdy and features a painted bullseye. This is one of the best options when you want to practice throwing axes at a small distance.

Pure Romance by Becky

When you’re a serious ax thrower, you know the importance of a portable target. While stationary targets are a great idea for throwing practice, you’ll be glad to know that you can move your Pure Romance by Becky target wherever you want to throw. Its self-standing design means that you can move it from location to location without any hassle. Another great feature is the painted bullseye.

For practice, the Pure Romance by Becky is the best compact axe throwing target. This portable target has solid, multicolor target lines. Its size is officially IATF-standard and has rings measuring seven, seventeen, and twenty-seven inches. It is made of medium-soft wood such as pine or spruce. It also comes with a hanging chain.

Axe throwing targets can be replaced easily. Wooden targets are heavy and may not have enough space on either side. Hanging targets are an excellent option because you can easily change them. You don’t need a stand for them, and you won’t have to worry about buying a backing wood. There are also many great options on the market for axe throwing targets. There is one for every budget.

Five-plank targets

A good axe throwing target should be portable and durable. It should be constructed from five planks placed vertically, tied together with screws, and preferably made of soft wood, because the axe will spin in the vertical plane. The target should be at least three feet in width and extend at least ten inches above eye level to accommodate most hatchets. The best target to throw at is the five-plank version, which can be purchased from various online sources.

A wooden target is the best option for axe throwing, and is lightweight and portable. It comes with a hanging chain. The target is made from medium-soft wood, such as pine and spruce. However, you need to be careful about the material you use, as the wood needs to be durable and thick enough to withstand repeated throwing. For maximum durability, choose a wood target that’s at least one-half inch thick. Make sure to pick one that’s made from soft wood, as harder wood can bounce back and damage the target.

The Generic New Hanging Axe Throwing Target is another portable target, and is made from high-grade wood material. It’s strong enough to handle hits from medium-sized axes. It’s a sturdy target, but it lacks the double-layered ply to absorb the force from the axe. You can set it up on walls, fences, and lampposts, but be sure to buy a peg so that the chains can rest securely on it.

The Practice Axe Throwing Target is made of three planks placed side-by-side. The target face is a series of concentric rings, each ring worth a different amount of points. The biggest ring is worth seven inches, while the second is 17 inches, and the outer is 27 inches. A few axe throwing venues also use five-plank targets, which have space for five rings. Points are assigned outwards, with the bullseye in the center.

The five-plank target can also be made from blocks. Its front legs should be 36 inches high, while the vertical boards should be nine inches long. The front boards should be level, with their center point aligned with the center of the front target board. The five-plank target should have a target board with two screws at each juncture. The backboards should be secured using screws on the top and bottom boards.

For long distance events, a 1m-circle is required by European Knife Throwing Rules. This is achieved by attaching nine small blocks together. The lower row rests on a bar screwed to the wall, and the individual blocks are fixed by screws from behind. The entire target surface is approximately one meter in diameter, and it can easily accommodate many knives. This target is portable and durable, so it’s great for outdoor axe throwing.

Cedar wood

A portable axe throwing target can be constructed from many different types of wood, but cedar wood is the best choice for this purpose. Cedarwood is very durable and resistant to moisture and environmental elements. It is also relatively easy to work with and has great finishing qualities. However, when it comes to durability, you will want to consider the durability of your axe target first. Aside from this, cedar is also the cheapest type of wood to purchase.

The first step in building your target is to determine the diameter of the center ring. This ring should be around 6 inches in diameter. Then, use a circular cutting jig or router with a v-bit to cut the target. Once the center ring is cut, use a stencil or paint to draw the rings on the target. Alternatively, you can follow a YouTube video that describes how to build a target.

Pine is another great wood to choose. It is easy to work with and has excellent nailing properties. Pine is a relatively common wood and can be purchased at most hardwood stores. Pine is also strong and resistant to cracks and dents. If you are looking for a more durable portable axe throwing target, try using a yellow or white Pine board. Willow wood has an excellent bending and compressive strength. This makes it the perfect choice for many purposes.

Another popular wood used for an axe throwing target is Poplar. Poplar is a softwood and is not very dense. Because of this, it is very hard to slice through. However, it will stick to an axe with minimal effort. It will also last for four to seven times longer than a normal dry board. It is also a versatile choice for indoor or outdoor use. It is easy to store and transport.

If you are not comfortable with cypress or pine wood, you can choose Cedar wood. It is a soft wood and works well for beginners. Plus, it dries easily. Unlike pine, cedar will not warp or split. And it has a unique look, too! You can get a high-quality portable axe throwing target for your home or business. The possibilities are endless!

When building your own portable axe throwing target, you should consider the characteristics of Cedar wood. The softwood’s ability to absorb moisture helps it last longer than most woods. Its end grain is naturally resistant to cracking and splitting. In addition to being more durable than other types of wood, cedar is also very easy to work with. And it’s affordable, too! So, what’s stopping you from making your own axe throwing target? Get started today!