The Best Portable Cooler For Truck Drivers

best portable cooler for truck drivers

Several options are available for portable coolers for truck drivers. These include the Coleman PowerChill, Wagan 6 Quart, Dometic CF18, and Igloo Iceless. These models all feature thermoelectric cooling systems. These coolers can cool food to 40 degrees below the surrounding temperature and keep it at a comfortable 149 degrees. In addition, many of these coolers feature digital displays. In this article, we discuss the pros and cons of each.

Coleman PowerChill

If you’re a truck driver who needs a portable cooler that will keep food and beverages cool, consider the Coleman PowerChill. This thermoelectric cooler can keep drinks and food 40 degrees cooler than the surrounding temperature, and it’s portable, too. It comes with an 8-foot power cord and 12-volt plug for easy installation in vehicles. A truck driver can also use the cooler as a desk cooler or for their RV.

The PowerChill’s door opens in either direction and is equipped with an adjustable shelf. The cooler plugs into a 12-volt vehicle outlet or a regular wall outlet. For home or office use, you can purchase a separate adapter. In addition to trucks, truck drivers can also use the cooler in their garage, office, or dorm. The Coleman PowerChill is a great choice for many truck drivers.

The Coleman PowerChill can keep drinks cool for up to 12 hours. It is perfect for long road trips. The cooler can be plugged into a vehicle’s cigarette lighter for convenient operation. The thermoelectric system prevents overheating by detecting low voltage. Truck drivers can use the cooler while sitting in an upright or chest position. This cooler comes with a nine-foot cord to keep drinks cold or cool in the vehicle.

Another important factor to consider when choosing a cooler is its size. Some coolers can stand upright, like a small refrigerator. Others are designed to be sat down, like a traditional cooler. Some are even designed to fit between two seats or on the passenger side. Regardless of whether you need to keep your beverage cool or hot, a cooler is a great option for truck drivers. It will keep your beverage cold while you’re in the driver’s seat.

Wagan 6 Quart

The Wagan 6 Quart portable cooler for truckers offers a thermoelectric cooling system with a capacity of 14 quarts. Its compact design allows you to keep your favorite drinks and food in the cooler without taking up too much space. It is lightweight and can be stored in the trunk or back seat of your car. It has a 9-foot cord and requires an AC adapter. The cooler’s interior temperature is kept stable with an energy-efficient cooling system.

The built-in power cord has been strategically placed to prevent the cooler from getting damaged by being rolled around in a truck. Most coolers have a pig-tail electrical cord sticking out the side and a flush-mount socket. But with the Wagan cooler, the power cord is tucked into the lid’s pop-open lid. This prevents the cord from getting tangled and cracked.

The Wagan cooler is less than half the length of the Koolatron P27. It has wheels, expandable handle, and dividers for added convenience. It has enough room for two twenty-four-pack flats of beverage cans. While the Wagan cooler is an ice-cold option, it doesn’t keep drinks cold as well as a fridge would. Before buying the cooler, make sure to chill the food first.

Whether you need to stay cool on the road, the Wagan Tech 6244 has a wide interior capacity and is quiet enough to use. The Wagan cooler also features heating and cooling functions and a 12-volt DC power cable. It can even be used in your car to recharge. That makes it convenient for traveling. If you have a 12-volt truck, this cooler is the ideal companion for your long road trip.

Dometic CF18

The Dometic CF18 portable cooler for truckers is a high-quality, durable beverage container designed for the needs of professional truck drivers. Its compact design allows it to be easily transported between the front seats of any vehicle. The portable cooler requires a 12V or 24V DC outlet for power, and can be plugged into a vehicle’s cigarette lighter. Listed below are some of its benefits.

One of the benefits of a portable cooler is its ability to conserve battery power. While many models are designed to conserve energy, a Dometic can use both electricity and gas to keep its contents cold. Thermoelectric coolers also have a low-voltage monitor, ensuring the battery doesn’t run out of power while the driver is on the road. They can also be recharged via USB.

Other advantages of a Dometic portable cooler include the ability to keep food cold and frozen. Its impact-resistant polymer design is lightweight, and its battery-protection system protects it from a dead starter battery. Whether you’re out driving for long hours, or on a short road trip, the CF18 is an excellent choice. This durable cooler can save you a great deal of money in the long run by reducing your need to eat out.

The Dometic CF18 is an excellent portable refrigerator for truck drivers. With an 18-litre capacity, this refrigerator can store 23 cans of food. It is also ultra-durable and has a low-voltage shut-off feature. And despite its portability, the CF18 has been used by truck drivers since 2003. It is also one of the best-selling trucker coolers in the US.

Igloo Iceless

The Igloo Iceless portable cooler for truckers is an excellent choice for on-the-go refrigeration. It has a capacity of 24 liters and does not require ice to keep your contents cold. Truckers like this cooler because of its quiet motor and convection cooling system. This cooler is also a good choice for heavy-duty shoppers who struggle to fit a bulky cooler in their truck.

The 28-quart capacity cooler can store 32 12-ounce cans and has an eight-inch power cord that plugs into a 12-volt power receptacle in the vehicle. This cooler can cool contents to 36 degrees Fahrenheit. Unlike ice-filled coolers, the Igloo Iceless is easy to transport, because it features a molded handle and back design that are comfortable to hold.

The Igloo Iceless is powered by 12V DC and has a built-in power cord. Truck drivers can plug the cooler into their car’s 12V DC outlet. However, truck drivers must be aware that the cooler will not function properly if the driver blocks the cooling fan and compressor. The cooler is not suitable for freezing ice cream, because the temperature will not be cold enough. The Igloo Iceless is only good for cold drinks, so it is not recommended for freezing them.

If you are a truck driver who needs to keep your food cold while on the road, you should opt for a 12V cooler. This is one of the best 12-volt coolers for truckers. Its quiet running design and capacity for storing small snacks and cans makes it an excellent choice for short-term storage. However, you should be smart when storing medications and perishable goods.

Koolatron P75 Kool Kaddy

The Koolatron P75KoolKaddy is a portable cooler designed for truck drivers and long haulers. It uses thermoelectric cooling technology to maintain a comfortable temperature even after many miles. This model can be used during long trips and is ideal for large families. It is also great for tailgate parties, sporting events, and concerts, and is even good enough to serve as a personal mini-fridge in a hotel room.

Unlike other types of portable coolers, the Koolatron P75 Kool Kawaddy has two separate compartments for cooling and warming. The temperature can be reduced to 40 degrees below the ambient temperature or heated to 149 degrees for a hot meal. Its compact size makes it great for long hauls and for small RVs. It also works well at home or in a dorm.

The truck-ready cooler utilizes a Peltier plate to generate a heating and cooling effect. The temperature in the heavy-duty cooler-warmer is kept at a constant forty degrees below the temperature outside. It never gets hotter than 50 degrees. The unit is also very efficient, only consuming three to five amps, much less than a standard fridge. Because the unit uses so little electricity, it can be easily plugged in while the truck engine is running.

There are many factors to consider when buying a portable cooler for a truck. Price is an obvious one, but quality also needs to be high. Cheaper options may be better than quality ones. Regardless of price, make sure to check the quality and warranty information before buying. Do not buy a cheaper cooler because it is cheaper or less durable. You may end up regretting the decision.