The Best Portable Electric Chainsaw

best portable electric chainsaw

If you’re in the market for a portable electric chainsaw, you’ve come to the right place. Here we’ve analyzed the best portable chainsaw options available on the market, including the Makita UC4030A and Makita UC5051A. Other popular brands include Ryobi, Greenworks, and Ego. Regardless of your preferred brand, you’ll find that there is a chainsaw to suit your needs.

Makita UC4030A / UC5051A

The Makita UC4030A and UC5051A portable electric chainsaws feature ergonomic handles and are easy to operate. The chain tensioner knob is turned clockwise to tighten the chain. They are equipped with large metal bucking spikes for a secure pivot on wood. A battery is included with the chain saw. The chain can be recharged using an external power source.

The UC4030A is a sixteen-inch portable electric chainsaw that weighs just 11 pounds. Makita has been a leader in electric motors since the early 1900s and now distributes its products to over 40 countries. The UC4030A has a 14.5-amp motor and is powered by a 36-volt battery.

The UC5051A and UC4030A are great options for anyone looking to cut down trees. The UC4030A is a good choice for home use, but if you’re going to be cutting wood for a living, a cheaper model may not be ideal. These portable chainsaws are capable of cutting through almost any type of wood, including softwood.

While this chainsaw has a slightly higher price tag than the UC5051A, it’s great for almost any kind of sawing job. This chainsaw can handle everything from small yard projects to heavy-duty tree cutting. While the 16-inch bar may limit your cutting depth, it is still plenty capable of getting the job done. You can even tackle trees with a twenty-inch diameter with a small bar.

A compact electric chainsaw is ideal for the homeowner who wants a reliable tool for cutting trees. A good portable chainsaw has a battery backup and can run continuously for up to eight hours. An electric chainsaw is easy to sharpen, with an integrated sharpening system. While the UC4031A is more popular than the UC4030A, it’s also cheaper and more convenient for homeowners.


When compared with gas-powered chainsaws, the Ryobi portable electric chainsaw is the most affordable option. Its 38-cc engine is powerful, and the chainsaw features a heavy-duty anti-vibration handle. However, it is lightweight, weighing just 6.8 pounds, and measuring 26 x 18 x 7 inches. Whether it’s used for residential or commercial purposes, it is the ideal choice for many smaller jobs.

The company has a wide range of power tools, including chainsaws. For non-professional and seasonal use, the 18-volt version is the best option. For professional use, the 40-volt model is better. However, it is more expensive than the 18-volt model, so only use it when you have a lot of outdoor work. For a small yard or seasonal project, you may want to purchase a Ryobi portable electric chainsaw.

If the saw’s battery power is insufficient, you can buy more powerful batteries for it. Just make sure to buy compatible ones to avoid confusion. Alternatively, you can buy two batteries of the same type and swap them while working. This way, you don’t have to wait for your chainsaw to recharge between tasks. The manual also mentions battery troubleshooting. If you’re ever not sure, check out the Ryobi customer service website for more information.

Before using the chainsaw, make sure you use protective gear and remove the 18-volt lithium battery. This will prevent accidental power-on of the saw. Wear gloves and safety glasses when oiling the chainsaw. The battery will also be easier to replace in case you spill oil. If the blade is damaged, you’ll want to keep it in a cool place. And remember that safety is the number one priority. Make sure you follow all safety precautions when using the Ryobi portable electric chainsaw.


The Greenworks portable electric chainsaw is an impressive tool. Compared to the Ego, which has a larger battery and greater cutting power, the Greenworks has more efficiency. Its 30-minute rapid charging system enables users to switch between two batteries to extend their work sessions. It is lightweight and will probably perform well on light to medium-duty jobs like cutting firewood and trimming overgrown bushes. The saw has steel bucking spikes and a metal wrap around handle for added durability.

The Greenworks PRO chainsaw is available without the battery or charger. In this case, you can easily get a battery charger set for the saw for about $100 or less. The charger comes with a built-in fan to ensure rapid battery charging and avoid overheating. This battery is also compatible with other Greenworks tools, making it a great option for users with other tools that require a battery. The Greenworks chainsaw is a durable and versatile tool for home use.

The Greenworks G-MAX 12” Electric Chainsaw comes with a 2Ah battery. However, it’s compatible with G-MAX 4Ah battery. As for the battery, it’s capable of generating approximately 2,000 charges. It comes with a carrying case and charger to simplify transport. It also comes with a two-battery charger. The second one is rechargeable, which extends the cutting time.

The Greenworks G-MAX 40V portable electric chainsaw comes with a brushless motor for more power, longer run time, and quieter operation. It also has an oil window and chain brake for added convenience. As an added bonus, it produces zero fumes, making it a great choice for cutting spring growth. There is also a 10-inch model available with an 18-inch bar. In addition to these advantages, the Greenworks Pro 80V Chainsaw also has an extended warranty.

Ego CS1800

If you want a portable electric chainsaw that offers plenty of power and versatility, the Ego CS1800 is the tool for you. With an EGO motor that produces up to 1700 watts of power, you can quickly and efficiently cut through larger trees. Its 18-inch bar and chain allow you to cut large trees in one single cut. The chain speed is variable, and the saw’s battery is easily interchangeable.

One of the most important features of this cordless chainsaw is its low-kickback saw chain. This saw satisfies the kickback performance requirements of ANSI B175.1-2012 and CSA Standard Z62.3. The chain tensioning system is almost automatic, and the operator can easily adjust the chain tension by turning the dial anti-clockwise. Its chain tensioning system can be easily accessed with a chain and bar removed from the saw.

The battery life of the Ego CS1800 portable electric chain saw is excellent. Its battery lasts up to two hours, and the Ego has more cutting power. Compared to other portable chainsaws, the Ego is much quieter and fuss-free than its rival. And, it’s also more durable. You can easily carry it from one job to another, with its lightweight design and large battery capacity.

The Ego CS1800 portable electric chain saw has a convenient oil reservoir. Its window-mounted oil level indicator makes it easy to check how much oil is left in the reservoir. Although, the chainsaw is powered by a lithium-ion battery, the oil reservoir may leak when it is stored for an extended period of time. If you have this chainsaw, drain the oil and refill it before using it.


The Stihl portable electric chainsaw feels like an extension of your hand. It balances nicely on the handle, especially when the AP 300 battery is attached. The rubberized handle is comfortable and functional, making it easy to grip and operate. The throttle trigger is easy to engage, and the lockout button is located at the rear of the handle. You can adjust the length of the chain by depressing the thumb rest. The STIHL MS180 chainsaw is perfect for trimming, pruning, and light trimming.

Electric chainsaws are convenient to use, thanks to their cordless capabilities. You can work at home or take the saw with you. These portable tools have rechargeable batteries that can be easily removed when you’re done. They also produce less noise than their gas counterparts, making them ideal for quiet yard work. And because they’re cordless, you won’t have to worry about gas lines or fumes leaking onto your property. Plus, many electric chainsaws are quieter, so you don’t need to worry about neighbor complaints about noise.