The Best Portable Trailer For Inflatable Boats

best portable trailer for inflatable boat

Whether you need to tow your regular or inflatable boat to a lake, a portable trailer can help you keep it safe and secure. Bulldog Folding Trailers are a great option for portable boat trailers, and they don’t take up extra space or take up much space. They fold up small, so you can easily store them in a corner of your garage, the back of your ute, or the boot of your car.

Bulldog Folding Inflatable Boat Trailer

With the addition of an inflatable boat, you can now enjoy your summer vacations even more with a Bulldog Folding Inflatable Boat Trailer. Designed for regular boats of up to 4.3m in length and 385kg, this trailer has many uses and is space-efficient. Because it is so small, it can be kept in a garage corner, ute, or car boot. In addition to being a versatile boat trailer, the Bulldog folds flat for storage, making it an excellent choice for anyone looking for an all-in-one solution for their boating adventures.

The Bulldog Folding Inflatable Boat Trailer is easy to assemble, thanks to its patented design. The trailer is made of sturdy steel, but is not galvanized, so it will rust in time if you use it to launch your boat into the water. The Bulldog folds up in 60 seconds, and comes with stainless steel fasteners and rollers for added stability and durability. Once assembled, it can be loaded in under five minutes.

If you aren’t comfortable assembling your trailer yourself, you can also purchase a ready-to-assemble kit that includes the bow stop and bunks. The kit costs around $500 and comes with instructions on how to install and assemble the trailer. Depending on the size of your boat, you might want to have a friend or family member help you put the trailer together. The Bulldog Folding Inflatable Boat Trailer will come in handy whenever you want to take your boat out for a family outing!

You can buy an inflatable boat trailer without a boat. It’s much more affordable and convenient than buying an aluminum boat trailer. However, you must ensure that the boat is stable on the trailer. It must be level on both sides and not fly off or sway sideways. The Bulldog Folding Inflatable Boat Trailer will make launching your boat a snap! Just be sure to check the weight and capacity of the trailer before you purchase it.

Seamax’s portable aluminium boat carry

For easy transport of your boat, the Seamax portable aluminium boat carry trailer is an ideal choice. Rated to carry 250 pounds, the trailer can easily handle boats up to 14 feet in length. An optional hitch attachment means that you can easily pull this trailer behind your golf cart, ATV, or utility vehicle. You can also use this trailer for other recreational purposes, such as bringing your boat to a lake or fishing spot.

With a cnc-cut design, the Seamax boat cover is both durable and attractive. It features a waterproof fabric, 260g/sqm, uv-resistant material, and multiple tie-down loops for additional security. The trailer features two wheels with a dual braking system to make storing and unloading your boat easy. It is also fully-equipped with a locking system, so you can use it while traveling.

If you are travelling to an offshore location with your inflatable boat, the Seamax Ocean-T Series is an excellent choice. It offers exceptional performance for fishing, hunting, and commercial applications. Its double-welded construction ensures long-lasting durability and is equipped with heavy-duty handles. Plus, it comes with a six-year warranty! A portable aluminum boat carry trailer from Seamax will make transporting your boat a breeze.

A Seamax portable aluminium boat carry trailer is designed for easy transportation of your boat in local parks. Its features make it the ideal choice for storing your boat while you’re away from home. Its main pole extends, its rear bunks are angle-flexible, and it has a position-adjustable front bow support bunk. In addition, many trailers can handle 800 pounds of weight.

Another great feature of Seamax’s portable aluminium boat carry is the ability to upgrade the wheels. The Easy Load Launching Wheels can be upgraded to a four-wheel system. If you plan to use your trailer on soft terrain, you should consider upgrading to a four-wheel system. It’s also recommended if you’re going to use your trailer on a sandy beach.

The Seamax Hand Dolly features multiple settings for different performance levels. It can be operated in full-size mode with three tongue sections or a short mode by removing the middle section. The Front Handle adjusts in increments of 2.5 inches – plus the diameter of the wheel. The Rear Boat Support is adjustable with two tow angles and multiple positions. The Seamax Hand Dolly is a versatile boat carry trailer that allows for easy maneuverability.

The trailer is very easy to assemble. It can be assembled in 10 minutes. A tow vehicle must be capable of towing 10 km. If you plan on towing the trailer, you can also purchase an optional hitch attachment for off-road towing. Lastly, the trailer may not be fully inflated when shipped. Be sure to pump the tires up to 15-20 PSI before use. A portable type digital control air pump is recommended for proper inflation of the tires.

Trailex’s MicroSport

Trailex’s MicroSport portable trailer for an inflatable boat is a standout product in this category. Not only does it have a low profile, but it is also very durable and easy to use. In addition to the ease of use, it can also be the ultimate companion when you are out on the water. Trailex is known for their commitment to customer satisfaction, and this product does not disappoint.

The Trailer rolls on 4.8-inch tires and has a leaf spring suspension system to reduce road bumps. Besides that, the MicroSport trailer also comes with submersible DOT-approved lights. It also features a winch stand, a hook and strap, and a hitch coupler. All of the trailer’s parts are made in the USA and you can easily order replacements if you ever need them. The MicroSport trailer ships unassembled, so assembling it is a simple process.

If you’re going to be towing your inflatable boat to a lake, the most convenient way to transport your boat is to purchase a trailer. There are several different models of trailers that can carry an inflatable boat. Whether you choose one with a built-in hitch or a hitch-mounted trailer, you can find the right one to meet your needs.

While the MicroSport trailer isn’t the most technologically advanced option, it is well-built and easy to assemble. It can carry several full-sized kayaks and other outdoor gear. The trailer also includes reflective tape and quick-release pins to make it easy to adjust the length. It can fit a wide range of kayaks and is priced reasonably. Inflatable kayaks will fit comfortably on the trailer.

The MicroSport portable trailer has a carrying capacity of 800 pounds and is easy to assemble. Its extended tongue is designed to accommodate boats of 19 to 20 feet and allows for easy maneuverability. It can also handle three to four kayaks at a time. It takes about three hours to assemble, though a competent user can accomplish it in half the time. There are also two parts to the trailer to facilitate easy transport.