Tips For Buying a Portable Queen Mattress

portable queen mattress

Before you purchase a portable queen mattress, consider these factors: size, cost, and durability. Here are some tips to make your purchase a success. The most important features to look for in a portable queen mattress are the dimensions, durability, and price. If you have any questions, contact a manufacturer directly for a quote. Then, read our reviews of top portable queen mattresses to find the perfect fit for you. You will be glad you did!


When purchasing a portable queen mattress, you should consider its dimensions carefully. The size can vary widely depending on the brand and model. Some models are smaller than others, making them easier to store. Others are taller, providing more legroom for a comfortable sleep. The size should also fit the room in which you will use it. There are a variety of reasons to choose one size over the other, and you should weigh the pros and cons of each before making a decision.


The price of a portable queen mattress varies greatly, depending on size, brand, and other factors. Some companies charge extra for shipping and setup, and others will include the bed in the price. Shipping costs are typically between $50 and $100, and you may have to pay extra for white-glove delivery. Some companies will even remove your old bed, which can cut down on the shipping costs. Other online mattress companies offer free shipping and setup.

Buying a mattress at brick-and-mortar stores is often more expensive than online. A recent Consumer Reports investigation found markups of as much as 900%, or more. A $300 mattress could be sold for $3,000! In contrast, online mattress retailers can sell mattresses for lower prices because of their low overhead. This allows them to pass the savings on to you. Therefore, you can often find a good deal on a portable queen mattress online.

Whether you’re looking for a portable queen mattress for camping or just want to travel light, a folding queen mattress is a good choice. It’s made of durable foam and comes with a 100 percent money-back guarantee. The bed can convert into a standard-looking chest or large queen mattress in a few minutes. It also features a cabinet for sheets and pillows. The Cube folding bed is similar to the classic Murphy bed. It comes in the shape of a wooden cabinet and offers the same features as the Murphy bed. It’s made of 6 inches of gel memory foam and is portable.

Another factor that affects portable mattress prices is size. Some are narrow and portable while others are wide and tall. For narrow spaces, a futon mattress may be a better option. However, when it comes to portable mattresses, size matters a lot. Consider all these factors and choose a mattress that fits your budget and lifestyle. Once you have the basic information you need to make a decision, you can start shopping. With a little research, you’ll find the perfect portable mattress.


When you’re shopping for a portable queen mattress, it’s important to consider how often you plan to use it. If you’ll be using the bed often, the durability of the material is crucial. Cheaper mattresses can wear down quicker, losing their softness over time. If you use it infrequently, consider getting a more expensive, more durable model. But if you don’t plan to use the mattress frequently, you may not need to worry about its durability.

Portable mattresses can be made of a variety of materials, including latex foam, memory foam, and polyfoam. Some are even foldable. Some mattresses are so thin, you can store them under your sofa or use them as a bed. Some are made of latex or memory foam, and some are made from recycled material. Some are more durable than others, while others may not be. However, if you’re buying a portable mattress to take on a camping trip, make sure to check its durability.


There are several types of portable queen mattresses, and knowing their sizes is vital to determining the right choice. For example, a 6′ tall sleeper may want a lower density foam mattress, while a taller person may want to opt for a firmer option. Likewise, a bed that’s too firm for a side sleeper will be too uncomfortable. Luckily, there are many types of foldable mattresses on the market, so it’s possible to find one that’s just right for you.

A portable queen mattress is one of the most popular models due to its size, cost, and versatility. These mattresses are affordable and can accommodate two people, making them an excellent budget choice. Unlike larger twin mattresses, they can be more versatile as play mats for children or secondary couches. Despite their larger size, however, they will also require more space for storage. However, you should make sure that you’re not buying a larger mattress than you need.

A foldable queen mattress is easy to store and transport. It measures 58 inches by 26 inches when folded, and lays out to be 78 inches by 58 inches. These beds are easy to set up, and the Milliard Tri Folding Mattress is one of the most popular options. It also includes a removable cover and anti-slip bottom. You can also find foldable queen mattresses in king and XL sizes.


The federal trade commission requires manufacturers to offer warranties on major purchases, including mattresses. These warranties cover certain parts or issues, such as structural flaws. If your mattress fails to meet these standards, the warranty will cover repairs or replacement. However, there are some factors that will void your warranty. In addition to reading the warranty agreement, it is also important to know how to file a claim if something goes wrong with your mattress.

The warranty covers the mattress only if you purchase it from the manufacturer. If you purchase the mattress from an authorized retailer, it comes with a limited warranty. The warranty does not cover the foundation or changes in softness. Instead, if your mattress breaks, you can ask for a replacement by contacting the manufacturer of your mattress. However, if your mattress breaks down after five or eight years, you will have to pay for shipping to get a replacement.

There are three types of warranties available. Some are prorated and others are nonprorated. In case your portable queen mattress does not last as long as expected, a nonprorated warranty will pay for the repairs or replacement. The value of a prorated warranty decreases as time goes by and may not be worth the hassle of filing a lawsuit. If your warranty does not cover the replacement or repair costs, you can file a claim with the manufacturer through your local consumer protection office.

To get a warranty on your portable queen mattress, you will need to contact the authorized retailer and provide them with the original bill of sale, product serial number, and law label for your mattress. You will also need to show proof that the foundation is of high quality. The Ashley retailer will contact you and authorize your retailer to fix the problem. Please keep in mind that your rights will vary from state to state. You will receive the most benefits if you follow these steps: