Which is the Best Portable Cooler For Breastmilk?

best portable cooler for breastmilk

In this article, I’ll go over some of the top choices for a portable cooler for breastmilk. Some of these include the Yeti(r) Hopper Backflip and FlexiFreeze Pocketbook. You might be interested in one or more of these, but which one is the best? If you have a specific brand in mind, you can read our full review here. We’ll also talk about the many benefits of each.

Yeti(r) Hopper Backflip

The Yeti Hopper Backflip is a portable cooler designed to hold up to 20 ounces of breastmilk. While this breast milk cooler isn’t specifically designed for this purpose, it is designed to work with the Medela pumping system and bottles. In addition to its portability, this cooler is also multifunctional, with two separate compartments: a top layer that doubles as a lunchbox and a bottom layer that can fit up to six breastmilk bottles and a large ice pack. The Yeti Hopper Backflip is also compatible with breast pump carry bags, allowing you to store as much as you need while you’re out and about.

While the Yeti Hopper Backflip does have a few drawbacks, it is still airtight enough to store breastmilk during travel. A great way to ensure your milk stays frozen while traveling is to place the cooler bag inside an ice pack. These packs will also keep the milk in a cool place overnight, allowing it to stay cool for several hours. Yeti also makes breast milk storage bags that are priced at a reasonable price.

Many moms will find the Yeti Hopper Backflip Portable Cooler handy. It features a closed-cell insulated design for superior insulation. Its design is also durable and resistant to punctures and mildew. You can purchase the Yeti Hopper Backflip at a variety of online stores. Amazon is a great place to read real user reviews. If you’re an Amazon Prime member, you’ll get free shipping!

Another option is the FlexiFreeze Pocketbook Cooler. This breastmilk cooler can hold only a few hundred ounces of breast milk. A thermal-insulated cooler bag can be very useful for traveling. The bag is made of durable nylon and can keep breast milk cold for hours. It can also be stored inside the breast pump bag. There are two sizes available, so you can choose the one that’s right for your needs.

PackIt’s easy-to-use design makes it a convenient option for traveling with breast milk. There’s no need to purchase ice packs for this cooler – the walls of the cooler are lined with freezing gel. This infused gel acts as an ice pack in the center of the cooler. While this isn’t a traditional cooler, it will keep the milk chilled until you transfer it to a deep freezer.


The Medela portable cooler for breastmilk is an excellent choice for mothers who need a convenient way to transport their milk while pumping. While not as compact as some of its competitors, it can hold up to five wide-neck bottles and a nine-ounce bottle. These bottles are usually room temperature, but the Medela cooler can help them keep them cool for up to eight hours. Its design is easy to clean and comes with a clear zippered top and a swivel clip.

The Medela portable cooler for breastmilk is perfect for mothers who travel frequently with their milk. The cooler comes with ice packs, so there is no need to carry a separate freezer pack. The Medela cooler has two separate compartments, and the walls are coated with freezing gel to keep the milk cold for up to eight hours. This allows moms to use it on a plane or at the airport without worrying about the milk’s temperature.

The Medela breastmilk cooler set is the ideal choice for women who want to pump at work and in public places. The Medela cooler has an ice pack contoured to the shape of the breast, so breast milk stays cold longer. The Medela breastmilk cooler can hold up to 4 5-oz bottles of breast milk, and is compatible with both Medela and Spectra bottles. You can easily store breast milk in this cooler while travelling or working, and your child will love the cold bottles!

The Medela portable cooler for breastmilk can hold up to six five-ounce bottles. Its zipper is also waterproof, and comes with a contoured ice pack. It has a side zipper and top zippered access. It also features an exterior pocket for cell phones. Its removable liner insert makes it easy to clean. If you don’t want to carry around a heavy cooler, the UBBCARE is perfect.

This breastmilk cooler is an excellent choice for travelling. Its convenient size makes it convenient to carry around. It holds up to six eight-ounce bottles and has a contoured ice pack that keeps your breast milk chilled for eight hours. The Medela cooler is compatible with Medela breast pumps and comes with a curved ice pack. It also works with the Medela Easy Expression Bustier. It is compatible with all Medela breast pumps. The Medela micro-bag is also a very useful tool for sanitising pumping equipment.

FlexiFreeze Pocketbook

If you’re not sure how to transport your frozen breast milk, the FlexiFreeze Pocketbook is the perfect solution. This wallet-sized cooler features a built-in wall of ice cubes to keep the milk cold for up to 8 hours. It also fits two hospital-sized bottles. And best of all, it’s completely discreet, so your milk won’t be visible to others.

It’s portable and comes with a variety of storage compartments. It can easily fit in a backpack, diaper bag, or free space in a car. It has enough space for several days’ worth of breast milk, and its liner is made of high-quality fade-proof material. It can also hold a breast pump and parts, so you can keep it cold for as long as you need it.

If you have a smaller room or a lot of bottles to carry, the FlexiFreeze Pocketbook is the right choice. It fits 4-8 ounce bottles and is made for easy storage. It also includes a freezer pack, which keeps milk cold for up to 8 hours. You can also reuse the freezer pack to store milk for future use. This cooler is the perfect choice for mothers who want to travel with breast milk while keeping it cool.

The FlexiFreeze Pocketbook is made of high-density foam insulation, which means it won’t absorb any harmful toxins or odors. It comes with an ice pack that is removable for easy cleaning. The fabric is also reusable, so you can keep it clean without removing it from its case. Although the FlexiFreeze Pocketbook doesn’t hold a lot of breast milk, it’s a great option for busy mothers who are constantly on the go.

Designed for traveling, the FlexiFreeze Pocketbook can keep your breastmilk at the proper temperature for up to 12 hours. The cooler also fits inside of your breast pump bag or diaper bag. It features a contoured ice pack and four 5-ounce bottles with lids. This cooler can fit inside a Medela breast pump bag and is made of PVC-free microfiber materials for added protection. And it has a built-in ice pack that will keep your milk cold for up to 12 hours.


This budget-friendly breast milk cooler has a number of advantages over larger models. Its insulated design ensures that the milk will stay cold for up to 24 hours. It can also hold up to four nine-ounce bottles. It’s small size makes it easy to transport. The only drawback is that it can’t be used for storing milk bottles for longer trips. It is best for storing breastmilk for shorter trips.

The insulated bag that comes with this breast milk cooler has a stylish design. It also includes several neat features, such as a name tag pocket and a photo pocket. This cooler is a favorite of working moms and is the perfect combination of function and style. There are many options available for cooler bags, but the Luxja is the one that meets your needs and budget. If you’re planning on using one of these, check out the many benefits and features of each model.

The Luxja Breast Milk Cooler Bag has a leakproof lining and a leak-proof interior lining. The bag is made of heavy-duty nylon fabric and comes with a detachable shoulder strap. The bag is spacious enough to hold six five-ounce bottles and sippy cups. Moreover, the Luxja cooler bag also comes with a laptop compartment. It is easy to transport and can be used as a purse while pumping breast milk.

The PackIt Breastmilk Cooler features a removable ice pack and a shoulder strap. The cooler has enough space for six bottles and a sippy cup, which means it can double as a lunch bag. Depending on the type of milk you’re storing, the cooler can keep the breastmilk cold for up to eight hours. It can also store ice packs and reusable ice pack.

In addition to its airtight design, the Luxja Breastmilk Cooler bag is available in different sizes. The largest model is designed to hold several hundred ounces of breast milk, while the smallest one is smaller and can carry only a few hundred ounces. It’s also easy to clean and is machine-washable. The outer surface is also stain-resistant. If you’re traveling with breast milk, it’s a good idea to bring a cooler bag for the trip.