Which Portable Stove is Right For You?

portable stove

If you’re looking for a portable stove, you’ve come to the right place. This guide will give you the scoop on the SUMO, Joule, Camp Chef, FireDisc, and more. But before you make your final purchase, read on to learn about the features that each one offers. And make sure to compare prices and features, too. You’ll be glad you did! We’ll also cover which type is best for you.


The SUMO portable stove is a great option for camping trips. Its large capacity of 1.8 L allows you to cook for a large group and can quickly reheat sterilised food in a bain-marie. Its adjustable flame means that you can cook in various temperatures and prepare smaller dishes, too. It is easy to use and is lightweight at just 453 grams. You can easily refuel it from the same fuel source, too.

The SUMO is the strongest of the two options, but is still portable enough for solo use. Its small size means that it fits right inside a pot and holds enough water for one person or two. This makes it a great choice for base camps and car camping, where heavier and complex gear can be brought along. SUMO is easy to clean, too, and has a protective base to prevent burns. This stove has two hidden features. During cooking, the lid can act as a colander. It can also be used as a storage space for the gas canister tripod.

When shopping for a portable stove, consider the type of outdoor activity you are going on. Whether you’re backpacking long distances or camping with your family, you’ll need a stove that’s lightweight but durable. You also want to consider the type of fuel. SUMO stoves use Jetpower fuel, which has both the benefits of a gas stove and a propane stove. When choosing a portable stove, keep in mind the size and weight of your group. If you’re going to be cooking for a large group, choose one with more burners, and consider whether or not you need more than two.


The Joule portable stove is an alternative to the more traditional camp stove. The Joule uses a canister filled with propane or other petroleum gases. The amount of gas used varies between companies. While it does not vaporize below freezing, it does lose pressure when heated. That means it won’t heat up as quickly as a traditional stove. However, it will still produce a consistent heat source for cooking, and its lightweight design makes it an ideal choice for camping.

The Joule’s fuel consumption is consistent with a 2-ounce canister per person, per day, during three-season trips. In other words, a group of five people will use one mid-size canister per day. This would be enough for a typical three-season trip. The empty canisters weigh around three and a half kilograms (8.25 pounds). In addition, Joule stoves are easy to store and clean.

Unlike many stoves, the Joule’s canister is inverted to allow for greater fuel efficiency. The fuel canister is close to the burner, reflecting heat back onto the canister. The stove’s stand is insulated by neoprene snowshoe webbing, and a closed cell foam pad. A neoprene cozy further improves efficiency. A sandbag with a neoprene cozy can be attached to the canister for optimum efficiency.

The Coleman Camping Stove is an excellent choice for backpacking and other outdoor activities. While it may be pricey, it works well and comes with a secure locking mechanism. The pot supports adapter is universal and fits any stove. However, you may want to use it with a pot, so the pot support is a good idea. This will prevent the stove from accidentally spilling fuel. Alternatively, you can place the pot on the stove or in a mug.

Camp Chef

While it might sound strange to consider taking a propane stove on a camping trip, a tabletop oven may be just what you need to upgrade your cooking experience. A tabletop stove will allow you to cook in comfort and save space, while a traditional camp stove will not offer enough cooking power to cook your entire meal. A tabletop stove will also require some sort of cooking surface, such as a camping table or picnic table.

When it comes to convenience, a Camp Chef portable stove is designed with two burners, one above and one below the surface. The two burners can be adjusted independently to give you more or less heat, depending on your needs. The two burners can accommodate either 10 or 12-inch pans. Both burners feature a dial for setting the flame, while PerfectHeat technology allows you to fully combust the fuel and ensures a steady heat output in all settings.

This stove is great for camping on the go, as its small size means it’s compact and easy to store. It also allows you to cook full-size pots on it without having to take up valuable space. However, it’s not ideal for serious campers or those on a tight budget. However, it does provide a great option for campers with plenty of space to store their stove. The compact size makes it ideal for campers who don’t mind having to pack a big stove, and it’s perfect for basecamp cooks who don’t mind a lot of weight.

If you want a more elaborate cooking experience with your Camp Chef portable stove, consider getting the Everest. This two-burner stove is built on the same case as Rainier and is part of the Mountain Series Stoves. The Everest lid has four hinges and a t-shaped tab. This stove offers a windscreen and 3-sided heat barrier. The Everest also has a separate burner for cooking items like pancakes.


The FireDisc portable stove has a unique design, which makes it easy to transport. Its three-piece design, with the cooking disc, stand, and handle, nests easily into a trunk. It requires no tools or hardware for assembly. It runs on propane. The FireDisc system seasons food better than a cast-iron skillet. The surface of the cooker becomes porous with use, making it an ideal tool for non-stick cooking. In addition, the stove provides superior taste and protection against rust.

The FireDisc (r) is lightweight, but durable. Once assembled, the device requires a 1 lb propane bottle, which can be purchased separately. Once lit, place the flame over the burner. Adjust the knob to your desired temperature for cooking. When cooking is complete, the stove pops open for storage. This is an easy way to use the stove and prepare meals while camping. However, it requires a bit of maintenance.

The original FireDisc(r) is 36 inches tall and suitable for most cooking needs. Its tall stand allows you to cook a variety of foods including stews and soups. You can even fry food on the FireDisc, thanks to its deep-frying capability. Its ergonomic design also makes it easy to use. The FireDisc is also very durable and comes with a five-year warranty. Many owners of the FireDisc are happy with their stove and would recommend it to anyone.

The FireDisc portable stove is very easy to clean. The process is similar to that of cleaning a cast-iron skillet. Once you’re finished cooking, you simply scrape off the food, rinse with water, and wipe it dry with a soft cloth. Because it’s so easy to clean, the FireDisc is an ideal tool for camping and cooking while on the move. You can easily heat up an empty FireDisc (r) and add water. After about five to eight minutes, the water boils. Once the water cools, the cooker is ready to be used again.

Jetboil Genesis Basecamp System

If you want a portable stove that can do double duty as both a standalone cooktop and a satellite burner, the Jetboil Dual Burner stove will do the trick. With this model, you can cook and store food both in the stove and FluxPot, a 5-liter non-stick pot. Plus, the 10-inch ceramic coated fry pan comes with the stove. This portable stove is a perfect addition to any backpacking or camping trip.

The Jetboil Genesis Basecamp Stove is a complete cooking system for your camping trip. It comes with a pot and fry pan, a 16 oz. propane bottle, and a non-stick ceramic pot and fry pan. If you don’t want to bring your pot and fry pan, you can purchase the set separately. In addition to the pot and fry pan, the stove comes with a stainless steel food box set.

The Basecamp stove has four tabs that slide into the notches of the burners. They are easy to fit and remove, and you can even use the stove on uneven surfaces. Adding a windscreen will protect you from burns mid-meal if the stove gets too hot. Make sure to attach the windscreen before you start cooking. This way, you can avoid a burn mid-meal.

The Genesis stove is easy to use and pack. It comes in a zip-top bag with a fry pan, a lid, and rubber stays. To ignite the burner, you turn the fuel dial to the left and push a piezo lever. It also has a convenient fuel regulator. You can use it to cook your favorite meals, even if you’re camping in the woods.